Arnott's 'Santa's Big Night' TV spot takes out the #1 most effective Christmas advert of 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 6.10.44 am.jpgRabbit director Craig Rasmus and the team at TKT Sydney have won top Christmas ad of 2017 according to the Australian public. Sensecheck carried out their annual poll of 11 locally aired Christmas commercials and Arnott's 'Santa's Big Night' came out on top.

This creative marks Arnott's first ever Christmas campaign. The commercial follows the globetrotting adventures of Santa on Christmas Eve while he navigates the perils of the modern world.
LEGO's Christmas ad 'Build it Together' took second place and Woolworths 'Share the spirit of Christmas' came in third. See the full results below:

1    Arnott's Santa's Big Night - TKT & Craig Rasmus (Rabbit)
2    LEGO 'Build it together' - CHE Proximity & Kyra Bartley (Sixty40)
3    Woolworths 'Share the spirit of Christmas' - M&C Saatchi & Campbell Hooper (The Sweet Shop)
4    Target 'Who makes Christmas special' - AJF Partnership & Alexander Brown (The Sweet Shop)
5    Amazon 'Give a little bit' - Lucky Generals & Nick Gordon (Somesuch)
6    David Jones 'Now it feels like Christmas' - TBWA Sydney / Maud & Mark Albiston (The Sweet Shop)
7    Coles 'What we love about Christmas' - Big Red
8    Bonds 'Light it up this Christmas' - Leo Burnett, Melbourne
9    Officeworks 'There's more in every gift' AJF Partnership & Ariel Martin (Filmgraphics)
10    Myer 'Elf's Journey' - Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne & Aardman
11    ALDI 'The more the merrier' - BMF Sydney & Hamish Rothwell (Goodoil)


My vote said:

My vote Target

The Tinsel Awards said:

& other made-up stuff

Dry Bikkie said:

It's no John Lewis that's for sure. They tried but Santa eating a dry bikkie just isn't engaging.

Rudolph said:

Bought back memories from childhood Christmases ...that's why I pick woolies.

Rudolf said:

It's the 8th of can you possibly measure effectiveness of a Christmas ad 17 days before, um, Christmas?!

ad critic said:

Rudolf speaks truth!

This is garbage

Grinch said:

I'm almost positive I've seen all these spots so I feel like I can gift an opinion.
Only two out of this list stood out. 1 because it was stop motion lego, but it fell flat without a decent narrative. 2 was the Aldi spot, it was original, crafted well and had product at the heart.

@Grinch said:

I saw these results published elsewhere but it was expanded upon to explain some of the logic behind it. I like many thought Aldi was the standout of the year, so it was surprising to see it ranked last. It said that of those surveyed less then half the viewers understood what it was about, the cricket story didn't resonate well with women (the main buyers) and 'only 22% connected it back to the brand in a meaningful way'.
Judging by the amount of comments on the blog we obviously weren't alone in putting Aldi up there as this years 'winner' when it came out, but the fact that it is at the very bottom of this list from a survey with the general public is a sign that it was a campaign catering to the industry more than the consumer.

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