Creative school Foundry launches stunning new campaign via //Thirteen & Co director Pete Moore

_PM_FOUNDRY_STILL_LIGHT_WATERFALL.jpgCreative school Foundry has recently launched a brand new campaign via //Thirteen & Co founding director Pete Moore.

With an open client brief, Foundry and Moore worked together to express the essence of the communication. Based in Hobart and Launceston, Tasmania, Foundry's new campaign line 'The New Creative' defined a new age student with multiple skill sets who is more of an entrepreneur than anything.

_PM_FOUNDRY_STILL_CAR_BRIDGE.jpgSays Moore: "The campaign embodied that idea that all your life is a collection of experiences that flow through your mind into ideas that you share and take to the world. The idea that creatives change the world around them, by creating new things and_PM_FOUNDRY_BTS_WATER.jpeg innovating the old."

The dream state story was filmed over two days in The Island State with cinematographer Sherwin Akbarzadeh and fashion photographer Natalie Cottee, on open roads, ghost towns, mountain tops, waterfalls and coastline in Tasmania then the final day in a creative space in Melbourne.

The campaign will run on TV, cinema, online and on outdoor billboards.

Says Andrew Johnstone, creative director, Foundry: "I loved Pete's style of direction and how he pushed the initial concept to a higher level. The film is beautifully shot, and the cinematic, dreamy quality works perfectly to portray the idea of delving into the creative process."

Adds Moore: "With them being Tassie based, they're a destination study location, so I wanted to incorporate the physical beauty of the place but not in a traditional tourism style way. The thinking was that all the environments were altered some way in her mind creatively and that was what led to the lighting installations (created by the Mona art department team) becoming part of it."

The full campaign can be viewed here.

Client: Foundry
Creative Director: Andrew Johnstone
Designer: Ben Hayes
Marketing: Georgie Gow
Production: Snakes & Ladders Films
Director: Pete Moore
DOP: Sherwin Akbarzadeh
Photography: Natalie Cottee
Line Producer (Melb): Zena Bartlett
Editor: Joe Morris
Colour/ Online: Matt Fezz
Animation: Joe Pease
Music: These Places by Becky Sui Zhen
Sound Mix: Matt Brown
Cast: Sarah Marland


Quality said:

Absolutely incredible work. Showed this to my team for reference/inspiration and they were blown away! Great job.


#meecreativetoo said:

Damn this is tight. Well done!

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