Enigma shows surprising side of Newcastle in '360 Reasons You Should Be In Newcastle' work

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.43.57 am.jpgFollowing the success of the inaugural Newcastle 500 Supercars event, Enigma has launched '360 Reasons You Should Be In Newcastle', an innovative new campaign aimed to attract businesses, investors and skilled workers to the city of Newcastle.

Says Pete Chapman, executive director, Enigma: "The original idea for the campaign is driven by a simple truth - Newcastle is full of so many diverse and unexpected experiences which, if you didn't know any better, you could guess they were in any great city anywhere in the world."

At the heart of the campaign is a 360 virtual reality film showcasing many of the surprising locations that can be found in the city. The film was directed by Andy Gallagher of VRXP and is the first of its kind in Australia shot using the world's leading 3D 360 VR camera, the Z Cam V1 Pro.

The film was put to the test in a public activation at Wynyard Park in Sydney, where people were asked to pop on a VR headset and name the eight amazing locations. The twist being that they were all in one incredible place. Newcastle.

The reactions were turned into an online film which will be promoted on social media, targeting Sydney based skilled works, business owners and investors, as a way of encouraging them to consider Newcastle as a place to relocate if they're seeking a more balanced lifestyle.

After watching the reaction film, people will be directed to an online hub containing ambassador videos promoting Newcastle as a world-class city full of business, employment and investment opportunities.

The campaign was a collaboration between the Newcastle City Council, Newcastle Now, the Business Centre and Enigma.

Newcastle NOW
Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Kristie Ferguson
Membership Coordinator: Natasha Lumley

The Business Centre
Chief Operations Officer: Steve Wait
Marketing, Communication & Digital Engagement Manager: Stephanie Moscovis

Newcastle City Council
Economic Development Coordinator: Gregory Fenwick
Smart City Coordinator: Nathaniel Bavinton
Smart City Officer: Desiree Sheehan

Agency: Enigma
ECD: Pete Ogden
Senior Art Director: Matt Plummer
Senior Copywriter: Matt Dawe
Executive Director: Pete Chapman
Senior Account Director: Brendan Swansborough
Account Coordinator: Madeline McFarlane
Senior Digital Account Manager: Ilona Leibbrandt
Senior Integrated Designer: Ana Sutter
Developer: Ben Sutter
Producer: Katie Hope

Production: VRXP
Director/Editor: Andy Gallagher


DK said:

Nice work Pete. You all made it look like cool place to visit, or live.

Georgie B said:

Nice work once again, Pete & co.

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