Holden proves there's nothing to prove in latest Holden Equinox campaign via The Monkeys

Equinox_Afterparty (1).jpgPositioning the new Holden Equinox as the car for women who are unapologetic about how they choose to live their lives, Holden's latest campaign 'Nothing To Prove? Prove It' via The Monkeys, celebrates real women who have inner confidence and aren't afraid to show it.

They don't need an expensive base model car with a flashy badge and no substance, instead they've got the high-tech, good-looking and fun to drive, Holden Equinox SUV.

Equinox_Concert (1).jpgThe new campaign lives up to the Holden brand promise 'Let's Go There' by showcasing self-assured Australians who refuse to accept society's unrealistic expectations of them, and who make a choice to live - and parent - in whatever way works best for them.

Directed by Chris Balmond at The OTTO Empire, the campaign launches this week across broadcast, print, digital, OOH and on Holden-owned social channels.

Says Natalie Davy, general manager - marketing communications and digital, Holden: "Celebrating the thousands of women who have nothing to prove by driving the new Equinox, we are creating more than a campaign; we are establishing a safe space for women to discuss, relate to and share the moments where they can be themselves."
Equinox_Car (1).jpgSays Justin Drape, co-founder and group chief creative officer, The Monkeys: "It's fun to create a campaign with a point of view and champion women who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it. Equinox speaks to that mindset perfectly."

Client: Holden
General Manager Marketing Communications & Digital: Natalie Davey
Senior Manager Brand Communications: Brooke Jamison
Brand Manager: Bridget McMillan
Brand Executive: Lucy Matthews

Agency: The Monkeys
Cofounder & Group CCO: Justin Drape
Creative Director: Ben Sampson
Cofounder & Group CEO: Mark Green
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Art Director: V.Wassim Kanaan
Copywriter: Steve May 
Group Content Director: Sam McConnell
Content Director: Veronique Proulx
Content Executive: Tasha Strachan
Digital Planner: Tim Smith 
Innovations Director: Jay Morgan 
Senior Producer: Penny Brown 

Production House: The OTTO Empire
Director: Chris Balmond
Executive Producer: Jo de Fina
Producer: Cathy Rechichi
DOP: Daniel Ardilley

Post Production: The Editors
Editor: Ryan Boucher & Jesscia Mustascio
Producer: Tivoli Conway
Executive Producer: Nicoletta Rousianos
Colourist: Andy Clarkson
VFX Artist: Hugh Seville


Chick Magnet said:

Like these.Feels like an american spot. But thats not a bad thing.
Well done.

TRON said:

Terrible CGI on the rear-parking spot. What's so hard about shooting actual cars in a car park?

qt3.14 said:

"Got nothing to prove? Prove it."

Great line.

Hmmmm... said:

Tells me nothing about the new car. Worse, the car has nothing to do with the idea: it's not integral to it, it's not enabling anything, it just happens to be there. And then the line... I thought having nothing to prove is literally about not having to prove anything. Yet thats what your asking me to do? I'm very confused. Big miss.

New Car Buyer said:

Looks better than the billboards I've seen

hi said:

The demise of brand holden continues. I wish they would stop

@Hmmmmmm..... said:

Spot on comment. This is an entirely generic idea, applicable to any car. And that overused VO guy makes it seem so utterly condescending.

Me said:

These are good. Great insight into the target market and nice tagline. Hats off.

It's really hard to do great work in the automotive space - been working in it for 25+ years across all sorts of brands - and this is great work.

It revives a brand that is still a bit on the nose because of the manufacturing closure.

The spots are genuinely witty. Not ho ho ho self-regarding belly laughs, really witty. Love "After Party" especially. And the way the product features are demonstrated - features of what is, after all, in reality, just "another bloody SUV" - is really clever. The car comes over as something different and that's an achievement.

I also love the tag line for a brand that doesn't have the cachet of some European and Asian marques.

Last but not least the spots are also beautifully produced - great voice, great music, lovely editing.

Well done Steve May and all the team, and well done the client too.

I'd argue that anyone criticising these spots frankly you doesn't get car advertising, and don't understand the car market either.

PS This is not a paid political announcement for The Monkeys. Never met any of them.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, Equinox. said:

Well, it’s not going to have Range Rover quivering in their 27 inch alloys now is it? But hopefully it makes the jealous Equinox driver feel good about giving a metaphorical middle finger to the lady in the Rangey who is just about to plough right over her without feeling the slightest social bump.

No said:

People buy the cars they like based on what they can afford. That's it. Hipster ads like this do nothing. Are you listening Holden? NOTHING. Get your fucking shit together and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Lift your chin up, start believing in yourself and start shifting some metal.

Mind blown. said:

So this is what consulting agency disruption looks like.

twinkle said:

Brand ads are nice and will speak to the target. Product ads are a bit lame.
And couldn't afford "My way" for the track?

Dan O'C said:

Nice work fellas. Like them a lot.

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