Motor Accident Commission launches 'Ten Year Hangover' spot via blackbocks Jamshop Adelaide

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 6.26.30 am.jpgAdelaide agency blackbocks Jamshop has launched a new campaign for the Motor Accident Commission titled 'Ten Year Hangover'.

As Jamshop was transitioning into blackbocks Jamshop in September 2017, there was a strategy that was proving powerful in research, something that had never been talked about in the world of drink driving - that being convicted of drink driving meant not just a fine or a suspended licence, but a police record that would stay with you for at least 10 years.

The other important fact was that the people MAC chooses to target are less regular drink drivers, as they are more likely to be 'nudgeable' with softer interventions like communications than recidivist offenders- nevertheless, they have well and truly  stuffed up.

The team looked deep into the repercussions of drink driving and created 'The Ten Year Hangover' as the first production out of blackbocks Jamshop for MAC.

The campaign shows just how restricted your life can be - it rears its ugly head with every police check. It can limit your work prospects, stop you from working with kids and even mess with your travel plans - some countries don't take kindly to police records.

Already there have been plenty of inquiries from people concerned about their circumstances. It's obviously hitting a raw nerve and making people think about the consequences of drink driving.   

Says Cameron Hockey, managing director of blackbocks Jamshop: "We're delighted that we're working with MAC and even more so that we're able to make a contribution to change attitudes with powerful strategies like this."

Says Richard Blackwell from MAC: "This is definitely another unique campaign to add to our arsenal."

Agency: blackbocks Jamshop
Creative Director: Johnny Velis
Art Director: Becq Hinton
Creative Strategy: Jim Robinson
Managing Director: Cameron Hockey
Account Director: Gail Ruediger
Executive Producer: Kristen Medhurst
Producer: Amy Gordon
Director: Josh Logue
Client Contact:  Richard Blackwell
Client: Motor Accident Commission


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Incredible Logue. Well done mate - consistently pulling out the goods.

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