Over 400 people gather for opening of TWENTY/ 20 Artist Collaboration last Thurs at VANDAL

Twenty20_exhibition_0000.jpgVANDAL opened its doors to over 400 people on Thursday night for the opening exhibition of the TWENTY/20 Artist Collaboration. Presented by Sabotage Motorcycles & Art Pharmacy, the exhibition featured 20 DMD motorcycle helmets, each custom painted by 1 of 20 artists invited exclusively for this collaboration.

Featured artists included Kentaro Yoshida, Sindy Sinn, Ginger Tailor and Scott March.
Twenty20_exhibition_5660.jpgVANDAL & Virtual Immersive were a participating artist, bringing to life a completely blank helmet by means of an augmented reality experience. It channelled the dark art of digital dimensions, retro pin stripes, easy rider mind games as well as a healthy gunslinger tash.Twenty20_exhibition_5661.jpg

All helmets are being auction off on the Sabotage Motorcycles Ebay Store with a 100% of proceeds going to The Movember Foundation Australia. The auction ends on 7th December. Be sure to contribute to this worthwhile cause by means of your bid.

Also displayed on the night was the one-of-a-kind MV AgustaTwenty20_exhibition_5662.jpg RVS#1. With literally only one in the world, it was a rare privilege to have this powerhouse displayed exclusively at VANDAL. It has only been seen at the Milan and Sydney Bike Shows previously.

Sponsored by Sailor Jerry and Young Henry's, the event ensured a hugeTwenty20_exhibition_5905.jpg turnout, including a colourful crowd from Sydney's motorcycling and art family.

List of all TWENTY/20 artists:
Amy Roser, Sindy Sinn, Mike Watt, Chico Insacious, Jason Wing, M-lon, Lauren & The Lost Boys, Kentaro Yoshida, Vincent Machin-Truc Buret, Skulk., Nev Sety, Scott Marsh, Blak Douglas, Karen Farmer, Ingrid Wilson, Nico, GingerTwenty20_exhibition_5924.jpg Taylor, Kyle Smith, Simon Lovelace, Apeseven, Oodlies/Joi Murugavell and VANDAL / Virtual Immersive.

www.vandal.sydney. Twenty20_exhibition_5927.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_5962.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_6007.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_6021.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_6068.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_6088.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_6132.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_6192.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_6212.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_8645.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_9509.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_9543.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_9619.jpg Twenty20_exhibition_9620.jpg


Emilya said:

Awesome night!!

Triumph said:

What a rockin night. And all for a good cause.

Sailor Jerry said:

Thanks Vandal!!!

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