Australian lingerie label Honey Birdette launches 'Do Not Disturb' campaign featuring Roxy Horner

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.04.53 am.jpgAustralian lingerie label Honey Birdette has launched a new campaign starring British bombshell Roxy Horner.

Titled Do Not Disturb, the campaign stars Horner as she checks-in at a glamorous hotel for a night of debauchery. Surrendering to temptation, pushing all the limits and revealing a bold sensual femininity.

HZ5A6085-Edit-Social-Crop-3.jpgFeaturing 12 new lingerie collections; comprising of bras, briefs, thongs, suspenders, chemises and playsuits, the campaign is dominated by a dark decadent palette of black, blush, midnight blue and red.

Each look is styled with Honey Birdette's extensive range of hosiery and perfectly complimented by the white décor of the hotel suite.

The campaign stills are accompanied by a one minute video and like the visuals are overflowing with sensuality and sexual empowerment.

The Honey Birdette Do Not Disturb collection will be available exclusively at Honey Birdette Boutiques in Australia and the United Kingdom, as well as via its Australian, UK and USA online stores.

Creative Director & Photographer: Florian Semanaz
Model: Roxy Horner
Make-Up: Chloe Langford, DLM
Hair: Jayde Turner-Ledwidge, DLM
Videographer: George Tyler
PR: Gemma May


KW said:

Tone deaf misogynist bilge.

Alex said:

We all need to make a buck and input food on the table.

Those of us who can do it in a constructive and positive way are the provledged few.

The people who make this I creative base will find a way to justify their behaviour - they'll have to as no one wants to think badly of themselves.

Best of luck breaking out of that lucrative Adelaide market - might need a more sophisticated strategy than show lots of tits and ass.

@Alex said:

Oh how I wish I were one of the provledged few.

@whiners said:

KW and Alex

High horse much?

It's lingerie for gods sake. It's supposed to have lots of tits and ass, we don't wear it to be practical and comfy you know.

Greidy said:

Whatever the opposite of zeitgeist is, you've captured it.

Account Circus said:

@KW and Alex

It's lingerie, not a fucking raincoat. Flesh is exposed when the product is in demonstration mode.

Maybe you'd prefer the product shown being worn under said raincoat? That'll shift units. Maybe you'd prefer it shown being used as a dishrag by an incompetent husband who doesn't even know the first thing about doing dishes? Maybe you'd prefer sharing your suggestions here as to how you'd promote 12 new lingerie collections in an acceptable way?

We're all waiting.

KW said:

@Account Circus

It's quite simple. Tonnes of lingerie brands have been doing it for ages; execute with class in a manner that does not objectify women.

Good luck.

@KW said:

Totally, like wonderbra yeah?

Craig McLachlan said:

I love it!

ANDY said:

It works for me but I don’t wear the underwear well not at the moment.

BAF said:

@Greidy LOLS

KW said:


"It's lingerie, not a fucking raincoat. Flesh is exposed when the product is in demonstration mode."

The type of comment that cost Joe Alexander his career.

qt3.14 said:


In my opinion, "It's lingerie, not a fucking raincoat. Flesh is exposed when the product is in demonstration mode" is the best comment in this thread.

I don't know much about Joe Alexander, but from the Adweek article I read it seems like decades of sexual harassment is what lost him his career – not one pithy, accurate comment.

Typing with my left hand said:

Sure, the product exists to be sexy, but this isn't sexy. It's a bit dirty and smutty. Like an ad for the corner adult shop, not an ad for a classy knickers brand.

Without being a complete dick about it, I think this totally misses the mark. And, worse, it's a pretty first base idea.

@Greidy, that's fucking funny.

@typing with my left hand said:

"'s a pretty first base idea."

Where's the idea? It's a fashion ad... no real idea per se.

brand said:

you cant possibly say this ad 'misses the mark' because you don't find is sexy.

What is and isn't sexy is a personal opinion.There are many people that would find this sexy.

This type of sexy is what this brand is all about. It is a little bit adult - they sell lube, toys etc. Their language is erotic. So, in terms of staying on brand, it does hit the mark.

And, no, it doesn't need an 'idea' to be effective.

If you like your sexy more wholesome, then thats fine, you and your right hand can go check out

Gilbert said:

"Where's the idea? It's a fashion ad... no real idea per se."

Are you trying to say a fashion ad doesn't need an idea? Perhaps, but they're better when they do. One of my faves from a long time ago - "Dressed to kill"

Um said:

Um wasn’t this the same brand that had to pull a bunch of media after complaints? Isn’t the definition of madness doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

Zac said:

I wonder what the proposition was.

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