Droga5 New York's Amy Avery and Dean Challis: 4 Hot Trends at CES that will continue in 2018

Droga5's Amy Avery and Dean Challis return from Vegas with some nuggets of insight

CES 2018 has recently come to a close, where 184,000 people descended on Las Vegas to learn about the newest innovations and trends in the tech industry, ones that will shape our future. Droga5 sent us to CES to understand the biggest emerging trends and what they mean for our industry going forward. 

After spending five days in Vegas fully immersed in the latest and greatest technologies, we identified how existing innovations such as AR, voice recognition and AI will be leveraged and most useful for advertisers.

1. Coming of Age for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is about bringing the physical and digital worlds closer together and by no means is it a new phenomenon. Snapchat has been utilising this feature to give users animal-eared, smoky-eyed and rainbow-clad selfies for some time now. The new year, however, looks to be the start of a growth in augmented reality, going beyond entertainment and into utility. 

By the end of 2018, it is expected that there will be over one billion AR-compatible devices globally, with many brands beginning to see how they can make the most of this potential. For example, the application of AR for e-commerce is huge, in which product return rates are approximately three times more than in brick and mortar - an app that can show that a rug on the website is capable of fitting in your apartment through your camera could be a big cost saver for marketers.

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