Dustin Martin chases puppy through Melbourne in new Bonds campaign via The ARC Factory

4.jpgBonds has teamed up with elite sportsman and AFL superstar Dustin Martin, headlining as the new underwear ambassador in a powerful stills and video campaign via The ARC Factory that launches this month.

Martin champions Bonds' latest mens underwear range showcasing his athletic physique and signature ink against the iconic Bonds underwear silhouette. The new fashion and sports underwear collection features a palette of cool toned patterns, camo prints and textured waist bands.

Complementing the campaign, Martin stars in a fun digital video campaign; the 30 second clip "Killer Undies" captures Martin sprinting through the suburban streets of Melbourne in his Bonds undies chasing his puppy 'Killer'. Showcasing Martin's athletic prowess, the clip sees the explosive Richmond mid elder leaping over fences and fending-off garbage men in only his Bonds undies while in pursuit of his runaway dog.

Says Emily Small, head of marketing, Bonds: "Dustin is not only a star athlete but a real originator, he does things his way and people relate to that. We've had fun creating our content collaboratively and are delighted to be working together."

Says Martin: "I've grown up with Bonds and when they approached me it felt a natural fit; it's an iconic and authentic brand which I relate to as they wanted to collaborate on the campaign. It ended up with me running around Melbourne streets in my underwear, which was a first."

Arguably AFL's biggest star, 2017 saw the 26-year old achieve more than any other player in AFL history, including the Brownlow Medal with a record 36 votes, Norm Smith Medal, Leigh Matthews Trophy, AFL Coaches Association Player of the Year, AFLCA Champion Player of the Year and the Gary Ayres Award, the Bonds association is Dustin's  rst national fashion and underwear association.

Head of Marketing: Emily Small
Agency: ARC Factory
ARC Producer: Carmen Cicchinelli
Executive Creative Director: Peter Metzner
Production Company: Good Cop Bad Cop 
Director: Richard Hughes
Producer: Michael Metzner
Prodn Manager: Christie Bence
Editor: Ben Blennhassett
DOP: Brad Francis
Sound Design: Michael Bence


Lost said:

You really want people to believe Dusty lives in that relatable shithole?

Mr Miyagi said:

A happy ending... and no-one was stabbed with a chopstick

Classic Dustin said:

Can totally imagine Dusty saying this when asked about some undies.

"...it's an iconic and authentic brand which I relate to..."

Martin said:

I'm a footballer but my real passion is marketing jargon

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