Howzat!? Optometrist catches a little cricket fever in Specsavers' new spot via Cummins&Partners

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.57.36 am.jpgSpecsavers has launched a new TV campaign titled 'Howzat!?' via Cummins&Partners, Melbourne.

"Howzat!?" The iconic cricket appeal screamed after a batsman is bowled out. Now that Specsavers have partnered with Cricket Australia, this optometrist has caught a little cricket fever.



Pain in the googlies said:

Can we call a moratorium on the word "Howzat!?" from all ads for cricket sponsorships?
Every year it seems there's a new crop of them that get flogged mercilessly all summer.

Richie Benaud said:

At least it's better than the bucketheads...

Cricket where? said:

If it's a sponsorship for Cricket Australia, why's the bloke a Pom?

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