Instant Scratch-Its brings customers' joyments to life in new summer campaign via Y&R Brisbane

sandydog.jpgSunset.jpgFollowing the successful launch of #joyments one year ago, Instant Scratch-Its is bringing summer smiles to players' faces with its dedicated Summer #joyments campaign via Y&R Brisbane - this time making every day Australian's #joyments come to life.
With a series of dedicated summer #joyments activations along with out of home and digital advertising showcasing user generated content, Instant Scratch-Its followers who have shared their #joyment- a small, every day moment that brings them joy - to may see their #joyment come to life on a larger than life scale.
Whale.jpgSays Jodie Milini, brand portfolio manager, Instant Scracth-Its: "From feeling the sand between your toes for the first time on your summer holiday, cooling down with an icy-pole like you did when you were a kid or watching a glorious sunset after a long sun-filled day - summer is full of moments of joy that bring a smile to your face.
"Since the launch of the #joyments campaign in 2017 we've had thousands of captured joyful moments shared across the platform. To celebrate a year on from the launch and to share moments from Australia's favourite season we wanted to bring some of our customers' best #joyments to life.

"These real life activations will be filmed to create content for social media so that everyone can enjoy these fantastic summer #joyments.
"We'll also be using some of the favourite #joyments submitted across out of home and digital media advertising throughout January and February.
"We're encouraging our summer loving players to share their summer #joyments with us at or by posting their summer moment on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #joyments. Their joyment could even end up being part of a future Instant Scratch-Its advertising campaign.
"We love seeing the #joyments that Instant Scratch-Its can bring to our players with that little moment of joy as they take a few minutes to play their favourite Instant Scratch-Its game so we have launched a new $4 Summer Fun ticket for Australia's favourite season.
"Full of colour and filled with summer icons, with two top prizes of $50,000 and a prize pool of $3 million, this ticket is sure to bring a bright beam of joy to players this summer."
The $4 Summer Fun Instant Scratch-Its tickets are available from January 7 2018 at Instant Scratch-Its outlets in Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory.
The campaign will be supported by digital and social media advertising, out of home advertising and real life #joyments activations, along with promotions in lottery retail outlets throughout Instant Scratch-Its' network of more than 4000 retailers.
Creative agency: Y&R Brisbane
Media agency: Carat


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