Leukaemia Foundation launches emotional TV spot for the World's Greatest Shave via Abnorml

RWP_8010.jpgAbnorml has produced the first "Chinless" spot in 10 years for the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave.  

After the success of last years campaign which saw an 8% increase in registrations and raised over $16 million, Leukaemia Foundation looked to continue with a more targeted approach to its campaign in 2018.

Says Paul Barkley, Abnorml: "Leukaemia Foundation had identified a dedicated group of women most likely to help the Leukaemia Foundation beat Blood Cancer by shaving their head this March and they wanted us to reach out to them."

Says Simon McGrath, Abnorml: "We had an emotional idea and with the help of Leukaemia Foundation we reached out to someone already planning to shave. We felt it was crucial to film a real World's Greatest Shave participant all in one take to capture her true emotions."

The result is a powerful spot produced by Clockwork Films that highlights the giving and caring nature of so many women in Australia.

Says Susie Howard, general manager, brand and marketing at Leukaemia Foundation: "We knew we needed to engage with our audience in a new way and Abnorml have delivered an emotional spot that speaks to the heart of what World's Greatest Shave is all about."

The campaign has received over 73,000 views on YouTube since its launch last week.

If you are interested in helping beat blood cancer, Barkley from Abnorml is shaving his head this March. You can donate on his World's Greatest Shave profile page here.

Agency: Abnorml
Client: Leukaemia Foundation
Creative Direction: Simon McGrath and Paul Barkley
Production: Clockwork Films
Director: George and Co
Photography: Richard Weinstein
Media: Carat Brisbane


Joe J said:

Perfect! Well done to all those involved.

yeah, nah. said:

The only thing I felt was supreme discomfort.

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