Seek launches new eight-part branded content series 'Dream Job' via WTFN Productions

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 7.00.36 am.jpgSeek is launching 'Dream Job,' a branded content series produced by WTFN Productions.  Airing nationally each week on Channel 9 from 27th January at 4.30pm, Dream Job aims to break down the barriers to career fulfilment by showcasing real-life stories of career change.  

Inspired by Seek's highly successful 2017 brand campaign, Why Settle?, the eight-week TV series shares the stories of 16 Australians on their journey to finding a new career path and greater career fulfilment.

Seek's research reveals that almost 60% of Aussies feel like they've settled or are 'stuck' in their current career.

Says Jenn ten Seldam, marketing director, Seek: "Seek is passionate about helping all Australians find the right career to lead a fulfilling work life. Our intention with Dream Job is to give Australians confidence that no matter their age or profession, career change is achievable."

Supporting the TV series will be an integrated campaign that will be rolled out progressively online and amplified through multiple digital and social channels to provide inspirational and educational content for those seeking a career change. Seek is also launching a Career Advice section on its website that will house interviews and stories on each of the participants in the show, along with career guidance and support from psychologist Sabina Read.

Says Steve Oemcke, director of content, WTFN: "Dream Job is the first TV show of its kind in Australia tackling career change. The opportunity to partner with Seek and show that career change is achievable for everyone is something we wanted to be involved with. We hope that through Dream Job it demystifies some of the journey in changing career paths by showing the brave, real and often heart-warming stories of everyday Australians."

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