VICE launches new online game show series 'Are You Ready To Be 30?' with ahm health insurance

AHM_AYRTB30 (1).jpgYouth media company VICE and ahm health insurance have announced the launch of a new, four-part online game show series entitled Are You Ready To Be 30?

Opening a conversation around the honest truths of being an adult, the co-branded series aims to offer young Australians respite from the pressures of ageing, passing on advice (and criticism) in a unique and interesting way.

Whether it's dating, relationships, their social skills or grasp on life admin, many 25-35 year olds feel a sense of pressure about where they are at in life, or how capable they are at living their life--with much of the pressures of becoming an adult are hinged on how close one is to 30.

Testing young contestants on their ability to live in the adult world, AYRTB30? pokes a bit of fun, but ultimately delivers adult advice in a simple, entertaining and brutally honest fashion.

Channelling Sale of the Century and cult show Broad City, the series' light-hearted, green-screen heavy approach taps into the same mindset as ahm health insurance's current TVC campaign, recognising that millennials aren't exactly full blown adults yet and are looking for less serious, doom and gloom messaging--for uncluttered, simple health insurance information and services.
Says Amanda Romeo, head of brand and acquisition ahm health insurance: "We were keen to reach a new, young audience--and leverage VICE's expertise in the content space--and we saw a great alignment between our brand and the AYRTB30? content. We appreciate that while growing up is an inevitable part of life it's also important to not go 'full adult' too quickly. So this campaign presented us with a great opportunity to not only build some awareness for the ahm brand but also convey what we stand for: a simple, affordable health insurance option for millennial minded consumers."
Says Damien Miller, head of client services, VICE Australia: "We're excited to be partnering with ahm health insurance, a company who share our vision of keeping it real and creating content that has genuine meaning to a young audience. We knew from the outset that to cut-through, this content had to be irreverent and be a little bit out there. To us, this series is a perfect example of taking a topic that might not be a typical water cooler conversation for millennials and turning it into one."

The brand partnership was developed in collaboration with ahm's media agency, Carat.
The AYRTB30? campaign will run across VICE and ahm O&O platforms, social media, and SBS VICELAND as extra, bespoke cutdowns.


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I thought i was going to hate this, but its actually really funny

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