Aussie expat creative directors Matthew Cramp and Rua Perston at DDB Chicago create 'Jurassic Jeep' spot that aired during Super Bowl LII

Aussie expat creative directors Matthew Cramp and Rua Perston at DDB Chicago created the 'Jurassic Jeep' spot that aired during Super Bowl LII, a partnership with the soon-to-be released Jurassic World: Forbidden Kingdom movie.

The spot was directed by Colin Trevorrow (director of Perston-Cramp.jpgJurassic World) and animated by Industrial Light and Magic.

The Aussie pair (pictured right) have been the the US since 2015, departing Innocean Sydney for Arnold Worldwide, Boston to take associate CD roles. In April last year they moved to DDB Chicago in creative director roles.


Lolz said:

The first ad using Jeff Goldblume that isn't funny. Nice job.

Where is Sean said:

Because this = YAWN

look, it's ok said:

The idea is pretty good and the pictures look nice.

It just lacks a little bit of punch in the edit. It's a funny way ads are made in the states that the director isn't involved in the edit - it goes to the creatives usually who spend weeks in the suite with all the takes doing it themselves.

It feels that if they brought in a top-notch editor - or managed to get the director to spend some time on it as well - this might have been lifted the 20% it needs to become a pretty good spot, and not just an ok one.

man said:

we need bigger life goals than making a promotional film that airs in a football match in another country


why is this big Australian ad news? Creating ads in the states isn't the best thing a creative can do.

ECD said:

What about Aussie expat Max McKeon’s brilliant spot for Tide?

I never comment here said:

I have to say, I really surprised at these negative comments. It's so sad. This is an advertising blog, read by many advertising creatives, like myself.

Here's a story about two Aussies creatives that have made an ad for the Superbowl -- the holy grail of advertising, at least, the most talked about time slots in the world. "Creating ads in the states" might not be the "best thing" a creative can do, but it's certainly one of the most high-profile things they can do.

Everyone in advertising knows the pain and hardship that would have gone into going from a blank piece of paper to the final process of getting this film on air. Focus groups, last minute changes, budget cuts, getting approval from the Hollywood studios and agents, adding a "Jeep" sign above the car in the showroom, etc.

Why not be positive for these creatives, rather than shitting on them? Commenters like these are just pathetic.

Well done said:

As an execution I think the director has done an outstanding job.
Whatever you think of the script/idea, I doubt it could’ve been executed any better
Well done.

Haters gonna hate said:

A good Superbowl spot in the bag on the reel - not shit not amazing - but solid. Nice one.

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