CGU Insurance launches new 'Australian As It Gets' campaign via The Monkeys, Sydney

CGU_Lead Image (1).jpgCGU Insurance has launched its latest campaign 'Australian as it Gets' via The Monkeys, which focuses on migrants and refugees who have become Australian business owners.

The campaign is based on a CGU Migrant Small Business Report which found that out of all Australian small businesses one out of three are owned by migrants and 83 per cent of migrant business owners did not own a business before moving to Australia.

CGU 1 (1).jpgThe campaign includes a film that centres on Hamid Ranjbarian's true story, a refugee from Iran and an owner of a painting business. It follows his story of resilience and sacrifice to become a proud Australian small business owner.

As part of the campaign The Monkeys also oversaw the design and photography of the CGU Migrant Small Business Report. Arming people with the facts about migrants and the incredible contribution they make to the Australian economy, the report also busts myths on some of the negative conjecture around migrants in Australia today.

Partnering with thousands of small business owners of all backgrounds, CGU has seen first-hand the positive impact cultural diversity has had on Australia's business sector, with 33 per cent of small businesses owned by migrants. Yet according to the insurer, the significant contribution migrant small business owners make to our country is largely an untold story.

CGU 2 (1).jpgSays Mark Green, cofounder and group CEO, The Monkeys: "Small business plays a big role in driving the Australian economy and Australia's migrants have made a huge contribution. This campaign celebrates these stories and The Monkeys are proud to play a part in helping to tell them on behalf of CGU."

The 60-second film, directed by EXIT Film's Greg Wood, runs for three weeks across broadcast, online and on CGU Insurance's social channels. A 90-second version will also be shown at short film festival Tropfest.

Client: IAG
Brand: CGU Insurance
Chief Marketing Officer: Brent Smart
Marketing Director: Kate Wellard
Creative Lead: Louise Lynch
Marketing Executive: Claire Jewell

Creative Agency: The Monkeys
Co-founder & Group Chief Creative Officer: Scott Nowell
Co-founder & Group CEO: Mark Green
Creative Director: Ben Sampson
Senior Art Director: Chloe Banicevic
Senior Copywriter: Archana Murugaser
Head of Production: Thea Carone
Integrated Producer: Tanith Williamson
Executive Planning Director: Fabio Buresti
Strategic Planner: Henry Bilson
Design Lead: James Halliday
Designer/Finished Artist - Lucinda Hansen
Managing Director: Matthew Michael
Group Content Director: Humphrey Taylor
Senior Content Director: Samantha Heckendorf
Senior Content Manager: Jack Stone
Content Executive: Sophie Finckh

Production Company: EXIT Films
Director: Greg Wood
Executive Producer: Leah Churchill-Brown
Producer: Fiona Pakes
DOP: Hugh Miller
Editor: Bernard Garry
Casting: Citizen Jane

Post Production: The Editors

Sound Design: Song Zu
Music: Manchester Orchestra

Photography Production Company: The Kitchen
Photographer: Toby Burrows
Producer: Zabrina Wong
Retouching: Alexander Reznick


aproudmigrant said:

I LOVE THIS! Good on CGU for being so brave, bold, and courageous for shining a light on such an important cultural issue. I applaud you. Bravo!

Fonzi said:

Monkeys jumped the shark...

Respect said:

Lovely work, just the type of work this country needs

TIm said:

This is BRILLIANT work, it really got me straight away when he turned up on the worksite. I really love it, my favourite add of 2017 in Aus thus far,

Morri said:

CGU has taken a bold step towards dispelling the negative profiling of migrants contribution to Australia. Big business has an important voice in our social narrative, and this is something that everyone involved should be proud of.

Lou said:

Saw the ad aired and jumped online to see who made it - not surprised.
Great stuff Archie & Chloe!

Lemon said:

You commenters are kidding right?

Identity politics is dull boring and not the core business of an insurance company

Eagle said:

Why have the Monkeys become so formulaic?Safe,soft ,samey with such dull music tracks.NRMA..Qantas ...Telstra and now this.So disappointing.Now just big and average.

Tess said:

Presume the child had a mother and the guy had a wife who on top of all her domestic duties probably did the books at night.Check into the zeitgeist Monkeys,you are sadly out of kilter.

Ruby said:

Its about time corporates stood up for BIG issue such as cultural diversity and inclusiveness. I salute you CGU and The Monkey's.

zzzzz said:

real people zzzz doing stuff zzz

Anna said:

This stopped me in my tracks when I saw it on TV during the Australia Day Broadcast. I thought it was powerful and brave. Some of my friends (non industry people, who are actually children of refugees!) who were watching telly with me were laughing at it, calling it "political correctness bullsh*t".

While I fundamentally disagree with this sentiment, it will be interesting to see how the general population responds to this piece.

Judge said:

I like the part when the white man wouldn't talk to the brown man so the brown man decided to buy cgu insurance.

Todd said:

This made me cry. Reminds me of my dad who came to Australia from India. Great work.

Todd part 2 said:

This made me cry too. Not in a good way.

The emperors new underpants said:

I kinda feel uncomfortable, surely the big corporate types like IAG only really care about the bottom line and the immigrant market it just another dollar for them to tap. Looks like the same strategy they had at M&C but the production quality has dropped.

bobthebuilder said:

Great work. Great line.

so very boring said:

I used to like it when creatives used to do creative stuff.

Haters gonna hate said:

Haters gonna hate... I think the creative is solid. The intention is bold. Well done.

Thought no one would notice. said:

The guy who puts on the sign is also the guy who is on the worksite at the end as the van backs up.

Good said:

This really got me. Migrants do it very tough in Australia and very few back them.

As someone from the country I've tended to gravitate more towards migrants than Aussies, simply because we get eachother better. I know their stories. Most who make anything of themselves have often had to struggle three times as hard.

Tess – don't distort this with your 2016 agenda. It's a beautiful spot and it sounds like you should get out more often.

Pinky said:

Could someone tell me who sings the song on CGU hamids story add

Jannie said:

The music is The Maze. By Manchester orchestra

Bored said:

So the formula we are going to see from IAG now is this:

1. 60 second vanity ads
2. Emotional music
3. Devoid of a creative idea
4. Boring as hell

Way to go!

Thiefsie said:

I found this offensive on first viewing as to how racist it portrays 'white' Australia.
Not necessarily incorrect, but still...

The message is sound but the comprehension has to acknowledge that Aussies (on work sites) are primarily racist (or more correctly prejudiced).

Chasing after that 30% market I guess. I wouldn't call it brave so much as perhaps misguided. If you're not a migrant I guess we're bigoted.


Maybe I'm missing it full circle. Feels like CGU are cutting their nose to spite their face their with their customer basis.

In other news... do people really shop around for insurance in regards to any more than what is covered and how much it costs? I guess they do. Haha.

Murphy said:

This is fantastic!

Richelle said:

Love the CGU Insurance ad, as Australian as it Gets! 👏🤗. Brave and an acknowledgement of contribution of migrants.

k said:

bl good stuff! ...

Dave said:

Most racist add against Australians. Can not beleive it is allowed on tv.

In case u didnt notice said:

@thought noone wld notice: That guy is his apprentice (a white Australian presumably), who starts out travelling with Hamid and then drives his own van (towards the end of the ad) as the company expands.

Johno said:

Maybe someone should do a survey on how many Australians have been put out of business due to Migrants not obeying Australian laws. I watch so many Australian businesses struggle to pay for licences to run there business lawfully while the migrants simply say they do not understand so don't need too.

One example is that an Australian business needs the licence and tools to touch an aircon system in a car while a migrant business simply rips the aircon out of ten vehicles a day, letting the gas straight into our atmosphere and gets away with it. When told there doing the wrong thing they suddenly dont understand. They simply dont care.

Another example is there fitting tyres backwards on cars as they are not trained nor can they read english.

This is not one or two business, this happens on a mass scale and there is nothing we can do about it. Start thinking about your children who are going to be dying in our heat (due to ozone depleeting gasses) and are unsafe on our roads(due to the thousands of cars on the road with tyres not performing as they should).

I dont beleive I'm racist as I have employed migrants before, I simply beleive we should all run business on a level playing field. Maybe more Australian businesses would survive.

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