Australian director Steve Rogers: Convincing the world that 'Crocodile Dundee' was getting a sequel

f93f2c9f9c5dac2d8d88854a7d87a68f.jpgSteve Rogers on directing the trailer campaign for a Hollywood film that was really a Super Bowl ad for Tourism Australia

Towards the end of January this year, the film world was sent into a spin by what looked like a movie sequel nobody was expecting. When a teaser trailer campaign surfaced online for 'Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home', the entertainment press flew into speculation. Sites such as People, BuzzfeedDaily Mail, Good Morning America and the Hollywood Reporter, among others, reported that one of Australia's most iconic movie franchises would be returning to screens, and with a remarkable cast, including Danny McBride, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Ruby Rose, Liam Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Luke Bracey and Jessica Mauboy.

In reality (and perhaps for the good of cinema?) the new Dundee film didn't actually exist. After two weeks of speculation and debate about whether it was legit, the final trailer aired during the Super Bowl, revealing that the whole thing was an ad campaign for Tourism Australia, masterminded by Droga5 New York (a fact Campaign Brief revealed to the world first five days prior to the Super Bowl)..

LBB's Alex Reeves spoke with Revolver / Will O'Rourke / Biscuit Filmworks director Steve Rogers about the production project to convince the world that Dundee was back in business.

LBB: Where was the idea for the campaign when you came to it?

SR> The script was great from the moment we saw it and the ideas for scenes never really changed that much. There was some back and forth regarding cast and the locations which had an impact to an extent on what we ended up shooting, but it was certainly one of the better scripts you could hope to see. Continue reading the article on LBB...

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