Crown Melbourne and Geometry create fire dragons for Lunar NY via TBWA Melbourne

20180211-2018-02-12-CrownDragons-039[11] (1).jpg20180211-2018-02-12-CrownDragons-043[9] (1).jpgTo mark 2018's Lunar NY, Crown Melbourne's famous Fire Towers have been transformed into fire breathing dragons, in a unique artistic outdoor installation produced and developed by Geometry Australia (concept by TBWA Melbourne).
Aimed at driving foot traffic and marketing Crown Melbourne's entertainment area, the installation showcases five unique dragon panels, designed and built around Crown's established fire flumes.  Each dragon was created as a piece of art by five of Australia's leading local street artists over one weekend, with Geometry working alongside Pulse Communications to execute the idea.
Geometry CEO Sean Taylor said the installation combined two iconic symbols; the fire towers long associated with Crown Melbourne, and the dragons celebrated during Lunar NY.
Says Taylor: "The Fire Dragon installation is a simple but powerfully photogenic outdoor idea that aims to entice locals and visitors to consider Crown Melbourne as a must-see destination this Lunar NY.  By utilising talented local artists, we have created something completely unique and engaging for Crown and Melbourne's artistic community, to mark Lunar NY.
"This is a first for Crown Melbourne and reflects its interest in being known as an entertainment precinct that offers something unique for both locals and visitors alike."
The makeover of Crown's fire towers will be visible until Sunday 25th February 2018.

Click here to visit Crown Melbourne's website.
Geometry - Experiential Activation
Pulse Communications - Consumer PR
TBWA - Concept
Artist credits
Conrad Bizjak
Mike Maka


Mmmm said:

I always believed the Asian Dragon was a water creature...with the whole fire-breathing thing a Western idea.
But then, an attraction that puts itself out wouldn't draw a crowd.

Yeah, but said:

It's not year of the dragon.

Maybe a dog shooting flames out of its bum?

Hot Breath said:

Critics in previous posts are overthinking it.

This is not only a great idea, it should be permanent.

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