Isobar teams up with director/producer Dominic Allen to launch new VR documentary 'Carriberrie'

Francis Williams of the Naygayiw Gigi Dance Troupe - small.jpgDigital agency Isobar has partnered with director and producer Dominic Allen to create Carriberrie, a ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) film celebrating the depth and diversity of Indigenous dance, music and song. The world premiere of the 360° live-action documentary will be held tonight (Thursday 22nd February) at the Australian Museum in Sydney.

Narrated by award-winning actor and dancer David Gulpilil, Carriberrie guides audiences across a stunning array of iconic Australian locations and performances, from the traditional to contemporary.

Carriberrie - Bangarra Dance Company, Bennelong_SML.jpgFrom ceremonial creation dances in the heart of the Central Desert, to honey gathering songs in the rainforest, bush- punk band The Lonely Boys performing in Alice Springs and Bangarra Dance Theatre at the Sydney Opera House, Carriberrie brings together art, technology and Indigenous performance in inspired new ways.

Dave Budge, director ofCarriberrie VR Film - Inma at Uluru 2_SML.jpg Isobar Nowlab in Isobar Australia said the agency was proud to be part of a project that brings Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander performance art to a bigger audience.

Says Budge: "Isobar is committed to Australian arts and culture, and Carriberrie offered a great avenue for us to use our digital expertise in an innovative forum, showcasing a blend ofHans Ahwang - Carriberrie Participating Performer.jpg traditional and contemporary dance pieces for the first time in VR. Working with Dom, we've been able to truly capture the performances in context, showing the landscape and the country as well as the dancers.

"For us it's also a great example of what can be done with VR. We believe in the power of VR for storytelling, for immersion and for giving a sense of presence and of place. This project helps show that in a beautiful way."

Says Dominic Allen, Carriberrie's award-winning director and producer: "The Australian Museum has been a great supporter of the project and I'm thrilled to present the world premiere of the work here, where I feel a kindred passion for exploring, understanding and helping to preserve First Nations cultures."

Carriberrie - the Sydney language word for "corroboree" - will screen through March as part of Weave, the Australian Museum's inaugural month-long Festival of First Nations and Pacific Cultures.

Carriberrie was created by Reddogs VR in partnership with Isobar, and global VR giant, Jaunt. The creative team included the community cultural advisors Marilyn Miller, director of the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival and former Bangarra choreographer/dancer; and senior Kimberley Walmajarri woman Annette Kogolo. The film's script was written by Wiradjuri woman and acclaimed Indigenous author Tara June Winch.

Book tickets here or visit for more information.

A film by Dominic Allen Produced by - Red Dogs VR
Design & Technical Partner - Isobar
Visual FX & Application Development - AIRBAG
360 Camera Technology - Jaunt
Sound Design - Viva Sound
Production Support- Positive Ape
Production Support - Hase Productions
Production Support - Plot

Film Credits
Executive Producers: Brendan and Grace O'Brien
Executive Producer: Virginia Kay
Executive Producer: Jason Byrne
Director/Producer: Dominic Allen
DOP: Josh Flavell
Jaunt VR Producer: Cael Liakos Gilbert
Co-Producer: Madeline Johnson
Editor: Ben Davies
Editor: Ben Crook
Sound Design: Paul McCosh
Sound Record: Eren Pinky
Sound Record: Adam Afiff
Legal: Julia Shiff
Script: Tara June Winch
Advisor: Annette Kogolo
Advisor: Marilyn Miller

ISOBAR: Design & Technology Partner
Dave Budge: Director of Nowlab
Brett White: Creative Director
Mike Fraser: Executive Design Director
Anton Wintergest: Solution Architect
Kara Bombell: Operations Director
Adam Famularo: Client Engagement Director
Jessica Snell: Senior Producer
Xavier Verhoeven: Senior Producer
Veerle Verlooij: Senior Producer
Alberto Talegon: Creative Director
Oliver Brock: Copywriter
Jerry Scott: Art Director
Mathew Dodos: Senior Designer
Tom Stephenson: Designer
Mike Jones: Designer
Lindsay Dryhurst: Designer
Natasha Leporis: Marketing Manager

AIRBAG: Visual FX & Application Development
Steven Nicholson:  Creative Technologist
Nick Venn: Producer
Adrian Bosich: Managing Partner
Martin Box: Head of Production
Steven Cheah: 3D Artist
Mike McCusker: 3D Artist
Andres Naranjo: 3D Artist
Dave Abbott: Compositor
Stephen Burns: Developer
Brad Hammond: Developer
Leo East: Quality Assurance
Megan Glass: Production Assistant


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