Lotto NZ's 'Imagine' platform keeps on trucking' with latest execution via DDB New Zealand

Lotto New Zealand has launched the third instalment in its Imagine series, which began with 2015's hugely successful Pops'Gift, followed by the equally poignant Mum's Wish in 2016.

This latest instalment under the Imagine platform is inspired by the true story of a Kiwi bloke who won $15 million, honoured a promise made long ago, and went halves with his mate. From that inspiration, DDB NZ crafted the story of Armoured Truck, the hair-raising tale of a mate who kept his promise.

While the last two Imagine stories have focused on families whose lives are transformed by a Powerball win, this new story revolves around two friends who as armoured truck drivers spend every day together just a few feet away from their dreams.

DDB Chief Creative Officer, Damon Stapleton, says the new film is his favourite so far and he's excited to see how Kiwis react to it: "The reason the Imagine series has resonated so strongly with Kiwis over the years is because while it presents these fantastical, larger-than-life stories, there's always a kernel of truth at the heart of it," says Stapleton.

"In this case, that truth is you want to believe that if you win, you'd be the kind of person who would keep the promise you made. Who would be loyal to your mate and share your good fortune. And I think Kiwis truly are like that."

Emilia Mazur, General Manager, Corporate Communications at Lotto New Zealand, says Lotto is looking forward to seeing players connect with the latest story: "As with the previous Imagine instalments, we wanted to produce a film that inspires Kiwis to dream and I think we've achieved that," says Emilia. "Even though the setting for this film is smaller - it's two mates in a small truck - the story feels bigger than that. It really draws you in and takes you along for the ride."

The Armoured Truck TVC will roll out with 120", 90", 60" and 30" versions, the 120" will also be used online and in Cinema.

Agency: DDB New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Creative Director: Brett Colliver
Creative Director: Mike Felix
Lead Business Partner: Kate Lines
Business Director: Lucy Paykel
Business Manager: Jemma Western
Chief Strategy Officer: Rupert Price
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Senior TV Producer: Rosie Grayson
Production Company: Scoundrel
Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Producer: Alice Grant
Director: Tim Bullock
DOP: John Toon
Post Production Company: Blockhead
Editor: Adam Wills
Composer: Cam Ballantyne
Sound Mix: Shane Taipari

Lotto New Zealand
Chief Marketing Officer: Guy Cousins
Head of Marketing Communications: Keri Merrilees
Senior Marketing Communications Manager: Jonathan Lewis
Agency credits:


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