Organic Care launches new 'Caring Comes Naturally' brand campaign via Now Screen

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 6.36.50 am.jpgOrganic Care, a brand of Natures Organics, is asserting itself as the leader in naturally based hair and skincare products with the launch of its new campaign, developed in partnership with Now Screen, titled 'Caring Comes Naturally'.

It celebrates what Organic Care has created since its inception: products that are as good for your body as they are for the environment.

Organic Care Coconut Water Purifying Hand Wash (1).jpgThe rise of natural products on Australian supermarket shelves has been unprecedented in the last ten years. But Australia's own Natures Organics group has been developing products with natural ingredients in aOrganic Care Cucumber and Mint Antibacterial Hand Wash (1).jpg sustainable way since the 1950s - long before it was fashionable.

As more brands have entered the market with products driven by natural ingredients it became a priority for Organic Care to assert itself as the leader in naturally based hair and skincare products.

In coming weeks, the 'Caring Comes Naturally' campaign will go into full swing across a number of digital and social media platforms. Three key executions were developed to launch the new positioning.

The first is a series of digital designs highlighting the fact that Organic Care's shampoos, body washes and soaps are all at least 98% natural. While many of Organic Care's competitors give the impression of being natural, this campaign proves, in an appealing, graphic way, that Organic Care really is natural, with the ingredient list to prove it.

The second is a content series of stop motion videos. These videos build on the '98% Natural' series, taking the ingredients out of the bottle and bringing them vividly to life to showcase all the fantastic natural ingredients you'll find in every bottle of Organic Care.

Rounding out the campaign is a series of interviews called "Little Changes." In this series, a diverse mix of real people talk about all the little things they do every day to stay in touch with the natural world, creating a feeling of wellness, wellbeing and connectedness with their families, communities and the environment.

Says Chris Loukakis, strategy director, Now Screen: "Working with Natures Organics over the past year has been a fantastic opportunity for Now Screen to collaborate with the kind of business that Australia needs more of. Pioneering in their industry and true to their word, the Organic Care team has always strived to deliver the best possible naturally based products at the lowest cost possible so they are affordable to all."

Client: Natures Organics
Marketing Director: Jake Gauci

Agency: Now Screen
Account Director: Andrea Robertson
Strategy Director: Chris Loukakis
Creative Director: Dana Holder
Art Director: Charlotte Ducastel
Designer: Rita Lami
Senior Writer: Mardi McConnochie
Content and Community Manager: Scarlett McGrouther
Director/DOP (Little Changes): Andreas Smetana
Executive Producer: Petra Valent
Producer: Michael Hollis
Editors: Esteban de la Concha, Daniel Yamashiro


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is this getting PR?

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Sorry guys, but this is woeful. Devoid of a coherent strategy or creative idea.

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You should have made them longer

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self indulgent, boring and not branded! huge waste of coin.

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