PayID harnesses 'goldfish moments' in newly launched national campaign via Mr Wolf

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.07.52 am.jpgToday sees the launch of a multi-million dollar national advertising campaign via Mr Wolf, introducing PayID - a new service designed to make payments simpler that will be rolled-out this year by most Australian banks, building societies and credit unions via mobile and online banking.

The campaign highlights the goldfish moment that many of us can have when trying to remember a BSB and account number.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.07.28 am.jpgPayID has been made possible because of the impending arrival of the New Payments Platform - payments infrastructure that has been built by the Australian banking industry that enables cash to be transferred between accounts at different financial institutions instantly.

According to research conducted by NPP Australia, 65 per cent of Australians can't recall their BSB and account number off the top of their head. The younger you are, the harder it is to remember the details required to have money paid into your account, with 76 per cent of people aged between 18-24 most likely to forget their BSB and account number.

Says Lisa Lintern, communications strategist for NPP and PayID: "Every day millions of people need to hand out their bank details to others so payments can be made into their account. If you're anything like me, it usually means having to log-in to your internet banking, or pulling out an old statement, and jotting down the numbers on a sticky note. I'm definitely one of the 65 per cent of people who has a 'goldfish moment' when it comes to remembering my BSB and account number."

PayID0012_OOH_STK_1512x540px (1).jpgWith PayID you'll be able to nominate something easy to remember, like your phone number, email address or ABN number, that can be linked to your BSB and account number. Then when someone owes you money, you simply get them to pay it to your PayID and the banks will automatically direct the money into your account.

Strategy and creative for the campaign was developed by Mr Wolf following a competitive pitch last year. Media is through Customedia. The production company was The Otto Empire and VX and post production was done by Fin Design + Effects.

Says Lintern: "When you have 13 usually competitive financial institutions involved in the development of a campaign, including the big 4 banks, you're not only looking for really strong strategy and great creative, but you're also looking an agency partner who could help you manage a large and diverse group of stakeholders, right up to Board level. The guys at Mr Wolf immediately gave us great confidence and they've really helped make what could have been a difficult process seem simple and smooth."

The campaign covers TV, OOH, digital and social channels and web development.

Says Tony Singleton, managing partner, Mr Wolf: "We all know it's hard to get good creative ideas through the usual approval processes. So with 13 approval processes to go through, it would have been so easy for things to end up safe and bland. I'm really proud that we've got a simple and cut-through idea through, and hats off to all the support from Lisa and Adrian over at NPP."

Says Michael Stevenson, managing partner at Mr Wolf: "When you go with an idea that relies on 3D animation, you're really in the hands of how good the animation actually is. Alastair and the guys over at Fin Design + Effects have done a brilliant job, and really went above and beyond"

Creative Agency: Mr Wolf
Creative Concept and Development: Jen Barnett, Paul Bennell, Kelli Anderson, Steve Liu, Matt Smith
Strategy: Tony Singleton
Account Management Lead: Michael Stevenson
Broadcast agency producer:  George Saada
Agency producer: Tanja Perl
Web development: Dale Smart
Retouching: The CraftShop, NZ

Media: Customedia
PR: Blue Chip Communications
Research: Snapcracker Research and Strategy

Production Company: The Otto Empire
Executive Producer: Jo de Fina
Director: Chris Hill
Producer: Alex Tizzard
DP: Ross Giardina
Editing Co: The Editors
Editor: Bernard Garry

VFX & Post Production: Fin Design + Effects
Executive Producer: Alastair Stephen
CG Supervisor: Robert Grbevski


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Did this 'lazy' idea in 2006.

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Seen this before....

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Tired idea done before and better.

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Did they forget they saw this recently for Sultana Bran?

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The Sultana Bran goldfish was done much better

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