Rumble kicks off 2018 with Ladbrokes, Tourism and Events Queensland + Greyhound Australia

Rumble5281flattened_JNR.jpgIndependent Brisbane agency Rumble Creative & Media has started the new year at pace, with new appointments and major campaigns underway for Ladbrokes, Tourism & Events Queensland and Greyhound Australia.

Two of the three appointments were made without a pitch, whilst the Tourism and Events Queensland appointment was made late last year after a four-way pitch against Brisbane and Sydney multinationals.

"It's certainly an exciting way to start the year," says founder/managing partner Remy Brassac. "We've worked closely and quickly with our new clients to get these campaigns underway, which is just the way we like it."

National campaigns for Ladbrokes and Tourism and Events Queensland are now in production, while Rumble's appointment to the Greyhound Australia account sees the team again working with Alex De Waal, former CEO of Tourism Tropical North Queensland and now CEO of the transport and travel giant.
"Greyhound Australia is an iconic brand," says Brassac. "Alex is unstoppable when it comes to finding ways to innovate and develop growth opportunities, and our first project together does exactly that."

Since it was founded in 2014 by Partners Remy Brassac, Nancy Hartley and James Burchill (pictured above), Rumble has experienced exceptional growth while remaining true to its promise of big thinking, without big agency layers. The agency celebrates its fourth birthday in April.


lol said:

Without a pitch because everyone else declined Greyhound Australia

DK said:

Well done guys. Well deserved.

Leezy said:

Great start to the year, guys - well done xx

Nat said:

Great news team Rumble, congratulations.

Fumble said:


Redgreg said:

Im with Nat!

Cam said:

Great work guys! Nice to see!!

Dumble said:

I put my left foot in and shake it all about...too funny

@Fumble & Dumble it's actually a little sad said:

Adding 'Troll' to your CV can't be something you're very proud of, even if it's the only thing you've done lately. Now hurry up and get a job mate, any job :D

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