The Royals and BrandHook launch new real-time mobile research tool for brands called 'Polly'

DK.jpgThe Royals has today launched a new mobile research tool that allows brands to gather consumer intelligence in real-time to harness insights, develop strategy and deliver results with confidence.

Polly, launched in partnership with customer experience consultancy BrandHook, uses a chatbot interface delivered via Facebook Messenger to recruit people to respond to research questions directly on their phone - while they are out shopping, on a night out or hanging out on their couch at home. In other words, going about their daily lives.
By taking the research out of manufactured environments, Polly allows brands to gather real insights from real people in real time. The tool has many applications and is completely customisable to suit individual project objectives.

Clients can choose to recruit research participants for each individual project, or use Polly's ever-expanding consumer panel, dissected across demographic or lifestage lines to suit their needs.

Says Dave King (pictured above), innovation partner at The Royals: "Polly is a dynamic research tool for a market that wants real insights from real people, with rapid turnaround by gathering information on the go. We can use Polly to help clients harness insights, develop strategy and facilitate meaningful business decisions based on feedback from people going about their everyday life - which means we can deliver the result with confidence, all anchored in authenticity.

"We've already had strong interest from many existing and potential Royals clients in early conversations, and I look forward to introducing Polly to many more of our partners."

Says Pip Stocks, CEO of BrandHook: "Polly brings together our deep understanding of ethnographic techniques and The Royals' expertise in AI. We believe it will change the way businesses understand CX from an ever-moving consumer by allowing brands to gather intelligence in situ, not relying on reflective memory."


Mediocre Machine said:

Hopefully Polly makes the work better.

Whoops said:


tired said:

@Mediocre - Really?
Theres no creative work to excrete your cutting wit upon and still, all you can dredge up form your sad soul is a bitchy comment. You are a very sad reflection of the creative industry in Australia.

Flyonthewall said:

Snarkiness aside – where can a find this on FB messenger? A quick search in my messenger app has left me empty handed :(

Dave King said:

@flyonthewall it's not open to the public. It's an enterprise app that uses Facebook Messenger on the front end. We setup clients and the they're off and running.

Dave, The Royals

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