Upside launches new 'the way real estate should be' tagline in new campaign via Mammal, Sydney

3825UPSJANE30_Kitchen_Competitor Board.jpgA new campaign via Mammal Sydney is positioning the offering of property tech disruptor Upside as 'the way real estate should be'.

The campaign - which extends across TV, online content, display advertising and more, and also includes significant brand asset redevelopment - was created following a competitive pitch held late last year. It launches from Sunday 18 February.

3825UPSJANE30_iPad.jpgThe TV and video content centres upon an eccentric presenter who takes us on an off-beat tour through a 'real house', all the while extolling the many advantages of selling with Upside. It's supported by multiple executions in other media that illustrate the many specific improvements Upside has made to the typical process of selling a 3825UPSJANE30_EndFrame_v3.jpgproperty.

Says Genevieve Brock, director of marketing and communications, Upside: "As a new brand, disrupting the very traditional real estate model, we needed a concept that would build the awareness of Upside and support our performance campaigns. During the pitch, Mammal stood out as an agency partner who could deliver insight-driven creative thinking combined with effective execution.  In just 8 weeks they developed a creative strategy and campaign execution that focuses on what's most important to property sellers: real agents and complete transparency at an affordable price. I enjoyed working with their talented team and look forward to continuing to collaborate with them."

Says Luke Chess, creative partner, Mammal: "When a brand presents with a unique point of difference, that's a creative agency's dream. Upside's model - focusing on customer satisfaction, not just sales commissions - offers precisely that. What's more, their stated corporate values of caring, integrity and a sense of fun meant that Upside promised to be a great collaborator and fit with our own culture. Which is exactly how it turned out. It's been a real pleasure to help to bring their brand to life."

Mammal Sydney
Creative - Daffers Little-Jones, Mike Watts
Branding Design - PatrĂ­cia Rodrigues
Production - Belle Oliva
Audio, Editing - Greg Eagle
Strategic & Creative Partner - Luke Chess
Managing Partner - Adrian Leppard

Director - Kate Halpin
DoP - Mike Roberts
Colorist - Ben Eagleton, BE Colour

CEO - Adam Rigby
Director of Marketing & Communications  - Genevieve Brock
Director of Performance Marketing - Nick Holden


hi . said:

how to devalue your brand. #advertisingcanharm

David said:

The real estate industry needs a bit of a shake. Charging ridiculous commissions for such a low skilled, non-degreed job is ridiculous. Often the house sells itself, and the real estate agent simply acts as a middleman. If a house sells in two days and they get a 2% commission on a 600k house... That is more money than what world class engineers and doctors make. Real estate agents are laughing all the way to the bank.

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