Dare Iced Coffee asks us to 'drink it through' in newly launched campaign via AJF Partnership

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.22.43 pm.jpgNo doubt we all think better once we've had our coffee fix. In the latest brand work from AJF Partnership, a Dare fix saves the day for a new Dad, playing an instrumental part in fixing what could have gone wrong on so many levels for his new bundle of joy. Known for when your place is all over the head, Dare now evolves into a new space owning mental clarity by encouraging Iced Coffee loving Australians to drink it through.

Says Darryn Wallace, director of marketing and innovation at Lion Dairy & Drinks: "If you look back at the brand's comms history the latest work feels like a natural evolution, maintaining the laugh out loud, dramatic and yet relatable brain fade moments we've come to love from Dare."

Says Josh Stephens, partner and executive creative director at AJF Partnership: "This is about those moments when a single brain lapse can have devastating effects. We're encouraging everyone to just take a moment, grab a Dare and think their decisions through, and there's no bigger decision than naming another human being."

The fully integrated campaign is set to launch nationally on Sunday 11 March 2018.

Creative Agency: AJF Partnership
Creative: Josh Stephens, Glenn Dalton, Ed Carveth, Brent Liebenberg
Account Management: Sarah Tukua, Megan Wailes
Planning: Jacqueline Witts, Heleen Hidskes
TV Production: Roz Ruwhiu
Lion Dairy & Drinks: Darryn Wallace, Sharon Winton, Anne Dowsley, Jacqui Shemer
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Nick Kelly
Producer: Nikolas Aulich
Executive Producers: Loren Bradley, Edward Pontifex
Managing Partner: Wilf Sweetland
Post: Stu Morley - The Editors
Sound: Paul Baxter
Media Agency: Starcom


BELL said:


Muz bomb said:

Nice work Brent and Ed.

Gud said:

Best they’ve done

Hellen Earth said:

Funny stuff

Cam said:

Fuckin' nailed it. Great work creative humans. More Please.

Gud said:

Best they’ve done

1 in a mil said:

Funny. And funny, as we all know, is hard.

HJ said:

Good clear thought. Entertaining. Client can be happy with this.

LM said:

Nice work AJF.

You’re not you when you’re... said:

... no, wait.

What’s the “new space” we “own” here again?

I know: said:


Don said:

My 14 year old sons name is Calum Murray Too late

Juanita said:

My great nephews name is Callum Murray .
He is 11
You clots

Janet said:

Well done Dare for encouraging bullying!

Sarah said:

A dreadful advert that has seen children with the name Callum being bullied as a result. A poor decision made by all to produce and air this ad.

Maggie said:

My 14 year old grandsons name is Callum Murray, how disappointing that an add would be made about a name, any name that is, making fun of someones name is not good. It can cause them to get teased at school, as if kids dont get enough teasing and bullying at school.

Sookie said:

It is comedic but it has negative effects as it is teasing someone's name which should not be tolerated on a national standard or any standard.

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