Team behind Sando's 'New Retro' ad reveal "we're not trying to shift massive amounts of furniture!"

Sando.jpgThe team behind Sando's 'New Retro' campaign, covered by CB yesterday, reveal, "we're not trying to shift massive amounts of furniture!"

But they are trying to get you to watch Jungle Entertainment's new 6 part comedy for ABC, Sando, about the charismatic, loose cannon CEO and public face of beloved department store chain, 'Sando's Warehouse'.

The first real trailer for Sando is now live and can be seen on ABCs Facebook here.
Each episode opens with a 90's style furniture ad, and the first was recut to look like an actual ad which was then broadcast on the ABC on Tuesday night.

"Sando is controversial character and so we thought what better way to draw attention to the show, than make out like the ABC had started running brand ads."

It seems obvious now, given almost every part of the site links through to the store, stocking items like the Crocodile and the Lazy Jean left-handed sofa.
A Jungle Entertainment production for the ABC. Principal production investment from Screen Australia and ABC in association with Create NSW.

Created by Phil Lloyd and Charlie Garber
Producer Chloe Rickard
Directed by Van Vuuren Bros. and Erin White
Executive Producers Jason Burrows and Phil Lloyd
ABC Executive Producers Rick Kalowski and Andrew Gregory


Lowest form of wit said:

Awwww. You guys.... you got me with your great trick!

I cant wait to watch that show now. Previewing it with a really unfunny, fake ad that made me want to go and clean the toilet was a great idea.

ffx said:

so when you reported on this the other day did you deadset not look at their website at all or are you being paid by them?

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