Holden promotes the all-new Holden Commodore in latest 'For Sure' campaign via The Monkeys

Holden_Commodore_ForSure.jpgLaunching one of the most iconic vehicles in Australian history, Holden is unveiling its new campaign via The Monkeys, to promote the all-new Holden Commodore.

The campaign proves that the new model is purpose built for our roads, and is worthy of the Commodore name. It also reminds Australians that Commodore drivers are - and always have been - sure of themselves.

Directed by Stephen Carroll at Revolver, the brand film aims to run over any out-dated perceptions around the car model and the Holden brand.


View the 30 sec spot
View the 7 sec spot
View the 7 sec spot
View the 6 sec spot
Holden_Commodore_ForSure2.jpgThe campaign will feature across broadcast, print, OOH, digitally, and on Holden owned social channels.

Says Mark Harland, executive marketing director, Holden: "We've got confidence that the all new Commodore range will deliver for AustralianHolden Commodore_ForSure3 (1).jpg families; and we're excited our new campaign 'For Sure' brings that to life."

Says Justin Drape, co-founder and group chief creative officer, The Monkeys: "The future of Holden and Commodore is something we're proud to be a part of. Commodore is one of Australia's most iconic brands, and is rich with so many remarkable stories pertaining to innovation and design."

Client: Holden
Executing Marketing Director: Mark Harland
Marketing Communications & Digital General Manager: Natalie Davey
Brand Communications Manager: Josh Cunningham
Brand Communications Manager: Bridget McMillan
Brand Communications Coordinator: Tom Richards

Creative Agency: The Monkeys
Cofounder & Group Chief Creative Officer: Justin Drape
Group CEO & Cofounder: Mark Green
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Creative Director: Ben Sampson
Art Director: Daniel Bolton
Copywriter: Barnaby Packham
Head of Planning: Michael Hogg
Digital Planner: Tim Smith
Head of Production: Thea Carone
Senior Producer: Penny Brown
Print Producer: Ali Dent
Group Content Director: Lee Lowndes
Senior Content Director: Ciaran Miller-Stubbs
Content Director: Louise Rutherford
Content Director: Veronique Proulx
Content Executive: Pascale Greenberg
Content Executive: Tash Strachan  

Production Company: Revolver / Will O'Rourke
Director: Stephen Carroll
Managing Director/Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producer: Pip Smart
Producer: Alex Kember
Director of Photography: Jeremy Rouse

Post Editors: The Editors
EP: Nicoletta Rousianos
Senior Producer: Daniel Fry
Editor: Bernard Garry
Colourist: Edel Rafferty
Online: Stu Cadzow

Sound: Song Zu
EP: Katrina Aquila
Producer: Meg Drummond
Music Supervisor: Ramesh Sathiah
Composer: Adrian Sergovich
Sound Design: Simon Kane ​


you sure this is a good ad.... said:

and not a tired trope?

The potential customer said:

I don't get it

Dan said:

Is this a prank?

Dealer Eyes said:

Seriously, what are you hiding for 50 seconds. Show the fucking car!

SL said:

This is so below average as a car ad. Nicely shot is as far as it goes.

Ben said:

@ Dealer Eyes - it ain't no Commodore so they're avoiding showing the car!

In all seriousness, is the idea a subtle recognition of the fact that no one thinks calling the thing a Commodore is a good idea, but it's too late now and you need to stick it through right to the end?

TB said:

I like it. Nicely crafted and plays to the reliability of a Holden intelligently. As far as showing the car, well, i think the car looks great and if i was in the market i would be inspired to go online to really check it out, maybe even go drop in to a dealer and see it for myself (standard car buying behaviour). Having said all that, it is slightly confusing to me that they have made a departure from "nothing to prove - prove it', but then maybe they are trying to establish sub brands? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

@TB said:

You clearly work at the agency you twat. So desperate to get your crafter retort posted you tried seven times, and added a few extra embellishments as you went

This is poo. Deal with it

Tracer Bullet said:

What the actual fucking fuck?

Just, huh?

dont worry said:

To the people involved this is really nice.

It's nice to see someone experiment
It's nice to see something different

In a sea of mediocrity, this stands out.
Someone will probably watch this until the end.

TB said:

DOn't know why my comment was repeated so many times. But I stand by it. cheers

For sure, but said:

Beautifully shot. But what's with the wrestling scene? Is this spot being repurposed for the US market?

Hypnotist said:

The monkeys must have a hypnotist on staff who convinces clients to buy these ideas. They could have made this worse by adding those old people from the NRMA Christmas ad and have them driving it erratically at night asking each other 'are you sure?'

Didn't mind it tbh said:

I think the sentiment is quite nice, the craft of the ad is beautiful. I wonder if it needed the dialogue though. Could that confidence have been delivered in silence?

I agree with 1:12 – it's a nice departure from the usual car ad, driving in landscapes and abstract urban environments and pulls some humanity into the brand. I'm in the market for a new car at the moment and it's a stunning looking car. I'm literally about to jump onto the homepage and have a proper look now. I wouldn't have minded seeing more of it, especially in the 60. But then again, I would watch it again just to catch the glimpse of it pulling up the driveway. And maybe that was the intention.

Not sure about the 7 second spot though with the guy dacking the girl and then cutting to the super "For sure"... I'm a bit weirded out by that one, especially coming from a brand so entrenched in blokeyness. Maybe it's just me.

It's all over for The Monkeys said:

The only good thing is that they sold before the inevitable slide to obscurity.

Happens to the best of them, they find an amazing small group to be client focused and creatively brilliant, then scale it to obscurity.

Forget said:


Hi said:

Dear marketing team at Holden get your shot together. You've got a good agency. Give them some direction.

You need a brand idea.

I'm pretty sure said:

I'm pretty sure that's an Opel not a Commodore. What a stupid line. Everyone who loved Commodores will hate this ad and I'm pretty sure everyone else won't give a shit.

Watch this ad be missed by 90% if Australians said:

The only reason this will sell is it’s a much better looking car than it was.

qt3.14 said:

In the second 7 sec, wtf does skinny dipping have to do with buying a car?

Urghh said:

Right up the poop hole, monkeys.

Can't win them all said:

Lovely work, loved it... For sure!

The only thing you can be sure of said:

I'm sure it's not an Australian-built car.

Surely out of the spectrum of ways of addressing the elephant in the room, this must be the feeblest.

This could be an ad for anything - insurance for example...hey, maybe it's a rejected NRMA idea. And I use the word 'idea' generously.

Sure mate said:

Who the fuck wrestles? Seriously, hipsters should be banned from making ads.

Are you sure? said:

Some of the talent in this ad have still not been paid for their work!

Are you sure? said:

All good now :) and its a good ad - when can we see it again?

Paul Rain said:

Lying cunts. The new 'Commodore' is garbage, and you deserve punishment for your fucking lies.

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