M&C Saatchi's customer experience arm LIDA launches new data consultancy Magic Beans

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 6.49.08 am.jpgLIDA, the specialist customer experience arm of M&C Saatchi Group, has launched a brand new data consultancy: Magic Beans. Led by head of data, Lucy Acheson (pictured far right with LIDA MD Victoria Curro), Magic Beans combines data science with marketing knowhow to bust business myths and uncover actionable insights.

Magic Beans has the enthusiasm and expertise to work with clients of all shapes and sizes; from those just beginning to dabble in data, to those with a fully-fledged dataset in need of new insights.
Says Acheson: "Our industry is absolutely drowning in data, but marketers are struggling to get their hands-on insights. Magic Beans' super power is that we are marketers and analysts combined. We mix data and creativity.

"We see the magic in raw data. We're agile, accessible, multi-disciplined and dedicated to cracking any business problem. Most importantly, we humanise data in a way that makes sense for your business."

Already boasting an impressive client roster including CommBank, Dan Murphy's and APM, Magic Beans is committed to helping Australian businesses be truly customer driven.

With over twenty years' experience at the data coalface in London and Sydney, Acheson is well versed in helping clients turn data ecosystems into data assets.


yay said:

Anything Victoria touches turns to gold. What a legend and mind!

Thinkerbell said:

Hang on, that's what we do!

@Thinkerbell said:

yeah, but they do it without having a terrible terrible agency name

Beans beans are good for your heart... said:

Did they steal their name and philosophy from One Green Bean?

Celeste Toffanello said:


Gregario said:

Do you think the industry wouldn’t be “drowning in data” if the likes of Acheson hadn’t flooded it in the first place.

Andrew Curró said:

@yay Probably explains why my cock still looks the same.

John Wayne said:

What's up with that media photo. It looks like a promo for Most Embarrassing Bodies.

John Wayne said:

What's up with that media photo. It looks like a promo for Most Embarrassing Bodies.

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