next Thursday and SevenTwenty announce co-sponsorship of Queensland Youngbloods

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.25.59 pm.jpgnext Thursday and SEVENTWENTY have announced their co-sponsorship of Queensland Youngbloods for the first time this year. Youngbloods gives young people currently working or studying in the fields of advertising, marketing, media and PR an edge. It provides its members with industry news, job opportunities, internships, educational events and social networking opportunities. In an industry built on hard work, Youngbloods supports the young people that bring the energy and enthusiasm necessary in this demanding business.
In its pursuit of unreasonable ideas, next Thursday is proud to support young talent coming through Brisbane.

Says Dan Adler, managing director, next Thursday: "The team at next Thursday and I are very excited to endorse Youngbloods this year. It felt like a natural fit for our agency to invest in the future of the creative industry with SEVENTWENTY."

SEVENTWENTY represent Brisbane's best in the marketing, advertising and digital media space.

Says Allen Smith, managing director of SEVENTWENTY: "We are excited to be co-sponsors of this invaluable resource for young people in the advertising and marketing community, and cannot wait to see what the events this year will bring."

Says Nicole Klinakis and Rubini Gunaratnam, co-chairs of Queensland Youngbloods: "We're thrilled to have SevenTwenty back again this year! Having Next Thursday on board is also an absolute honour, it's fantastic to see an agency help bridge the gap for young professionals - it's what we're all about."

The first event for the year was lawn bowls at The Boo in Newstead, held on the 8th of March. Members were given the chance to speak with industry guests from leading agencies across creative, account service, digital production and strategy.


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Is next Thursday even an agency 😳

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