The NRL launches new 'This is How We League' pre-season brand campaign via R/GA Sydney

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.25.35 am.jpgR/GA Sydney is behind the NRL's pre-season brand campaign, out today.
This is How We League takes inspiration from the culture of the modern game and what it means to fans - it's tribalism, egalitarian spirit, the players and their stories.
VP executive creative director, R/GA, Bob Mackintosh said that the integrated strategy behind the work had been specifically designed to re-engage fans.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.25.45 am.jpgSays Mackintosh: "Our approach was to unlock their pride in league, to remind them what they love about it, and help them claim it back."
A 90 second film follows the journey of player James Tedesco as he's driven through the game's heartland to his new club, theScreen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.25.56 am.jpg Sydney Roosters. Visual references to every team are included throughout - from symbolic portrayals of emblems to examples of club culture.
Moments with meaning for fans are represented, from player transfers, to the anticipated return of Rabbitohs star GregMobile Site (1).jpg Inglis, captured in a mural in Redfern celebrating his comeback.
Further murals are being commissioned across Sydney to engage fans at a club level. The approach extends online, with a mobile site allowing them to create and share customised club memes to show theirNRL_MEME (1).jpg allegiance via Facebook.
Says Mackintosh: "The idea had to be one fans could run with, supported by tools letting them make it their own."
Peter Jarmain, NRL general manager, marketing and brand, said the work was about reconnecting hearts and minds to the game.

Says Jarmain: "This Is How We League is about confidently saying we're proud of who we are, and what we stand for. It's all about celebrating a truly diverse fan community and the unique relationship they have with their team, and the game."
Creative Agency: R/GA Sydney
Production: Collider
Director: Damon Cameron
Producer: Kim Kirby
Editor: Adam Wills
Sound: Simon Kane @ Song Zu
Music Supervision: Anton @ Trailer Media
Online and Grade: White Chocolate
Media: Blue 449


Nah, yeah. said:

That craft though. Nice one, Bobbles and R/GA!

Woah said:

F*** that's pretty cool.

TC said:

Nice one Rees & John!

Impressed said:

Well, I wasn't expecting that. Nicely done

Huh said:

Saw the title 'This is how we league' and immediately expected to be massively underwhelmed. How wrong was I?

This is fricking fantastic, and I am not even a league fan (AFL is life here in Melbourne, go Tiges!), but man, this gave me goosebumps. Bravo to all concerned.

Sorry said:

Now that the R/GA staff has commented .... this is terribly poor!
I'm a league fan and it does nothing for me so I can't imagine how it would attract a new audience. Mum's need to be convinced, millennial are not intreated anymore as they see the NRL as the game dad watches while drinking a beer.
This ad only appeals to Tedesco fans.
So disappointing yet again from the NRL.

Anna said:

I couldn't care less about NRL, but this is fantastic.

Yeah, nah said:

Same old, same old from the NRL. Or in fact any sporting franchise, or rebel or (add any brand in Australian sport).

Can’t really blame R/GA, the brief is the brief, the client had their hands all over this.

Why change agencies to get the same result?

Tony said:

Maybe they should have looked at the opening credits for The Sopranos to see how it's done.

FFS said:

When will an Aussie sporting code come up with something fans actually want a piece of. This is more of the same.

Lost said:

That is the worst tag line in history. The NRL is one of the best sports in the world, and we can't do better than this. Lost opportunity...sorry.

Woodsie said:


Forward pass said:

Meaningless Tagline. Dark mundane spot.

JT said:

A bit sexy. About time. Nice one.

deadly said:

That mural is sweet. I also would've accepted a massive Russel Crowe's forehead.

AFL said:

So the NRL pitched the account for this work?
Boy the other ideas must have been really crap. Or, they just don't know a good idea.

Forward pass said:

Meaningless Tagline. Dark mundane spot.

Clientsplaining said:

Glad the client explained what the Tagline meant as I had absolutely no idea until that point

Jon said:

Great work, Big Bob and co.

AFL said:

Lovely images, but the rest was a bit of a bore.

duncan said:

Loving this

This is how we... ummm... (think of a word, dammit!) said:

Absolutely awful tagline, but enjoyed the attitude of the TVC. Can't really see this pulling in a new audience though; just gives fans something new to yell and punch about.

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