Powerful gun control message delivered via old Ronald Reagan 'It's Morning in America' spot

Gun Control.jpgTo say the facts around guns and gun deaths in the USA have been well documented would be something of an understatement.

The lists, the graphs, the pie charts - It's endless. The data has been cut every which way. There is one fact that is common to all this common sense fact and data - They don't make many Americans change their view on guns and gun control. They are fully aware of all the facts but still unmoved by them.

So how does one move them? Rather than more facts, perhaps more emotion will go some way to changing their minds.
Gun Control 2.jpgA group called the London Creative & Production Collective took the well-known old American political advertisement "It's Morning in America" - that tells a warm, reassuring story of life in America and replaced the original words to make a heartfelt plea to older American voters to support what the Students have started and not vote for Politicians who are in the pocket of the NRA this November. The spot was written by London based freelance creative director Neil Dawson.



Yes said:

A very good ad.
If only its creator the late great Hal Riney could've done the voice-over.

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