The AFL launches new 'Don't Believe in Never' brand platform via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 3.33.46 pm (1).jpgThe Australian Football League (AFL) with its creative agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, has today unveiled the sporting code's new brand platform, Don't Believe in Never.
The three stories will be highlighted through short films, featuring Damien Hardwick's leadership of the Richmond Tigers to the 2017 Toyota AFL Premiership, Sydney Swan Aliir Aliir's journey from a Kenyan refugee camp to playing in the AFL and Dema a member of the Bankstown Bull Sharks, a multicultural team of teenage schoolgirls in Western Sydney.
The short films will be released today on the channels of Seven, Foxtel, out of home media, the AFL website and social media platforms.

Throughout the season, additional 'never' stories will be created and told for key moments in time such as Sir Doug Nicholls Round, the annual celebration of Indigenous culture. An acquisition program called the 'Neverbeens' will aim to drive match attendance of new audiences and ultimately growing fans of the game.
AFL head of marketing and insights Julian Dunne outlined the new brand proposition presented opportunities to tell stories from the grassroots level of Australian Football to the elite.
Says Dunne: "There are so many stories across our game where people have achieved something remarkable against all odds.
"These stories exist at the grassroots level right through to the elite game and when they are told in the right way they create emotion and broader interest in the game.
"Fans tell us that footy is more than just a spectacle, it's a place to escape, be hopeful, connect, celebrate and commiserate, so we feel this is a strong new platform to communicate what is both unique and special about our game."
Says Richard Williams and Ant Phillips, creative directors, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne: "Our job was a relatively easy one in this instance. The game of AFL is blessed with more stories of people overcoming adversity and of the impossible becoming possible than we can deal with. We love the three stories we've chosen to launch with, but are most excited about the potential this long term platform has to grow, evolve and inspire a new generation of footy fans. The opportunities are endless."
Head of Marketing and Insights - Julian Dunne
Marketing Manager - Tim Hirst
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne:
Creative Chairman - James McGrath
Creative Director - Anthony Phillips
Creative Director - Richard Williams
Managing Director - Simon Lamplough
Executive Planning Director - Paul Rees-Jones
Executive Producer - Sonia von Bibra
Senior Producer (TV) - Jacqui Walker
Project Director - Theresa White
Group Business Director - Nick Campion
Business Manager - Sarah Gates
Senior Producer (Print) - Michael Travers
CG Artist - Steve Pratt
Retoucher - Mike McCall
Studio Artist - Sarah Wilson
Studio Artist - Patrick Rivera
Head of Craft  Steve Leadbeater
Designer (Craft) - Juan Rodriguez
Designer (Craft) - Matt Ebling
Photographer - Chris Tovo
Producer - Andrew Zappia, Agent99 Productions
Film Production: FINCH
Director - Christopher Nelius
DOP/Cinematographer - Matt Toll
Managing Director/Executive Producer - Corey Esse, Finch
Producer - Jackie Adler, Finch

Editors - Rodrigo Balart (Bull Sharks / Richmond) & Julie-Anne De Ruvo (Aliir Aliir) 
Colourist - Martin Greer      
Post Production / VFX - Jamie Scott, Generator Post
Music Composer/Arranger Richmond / Aliir Aliir - Jackson Milas, Sonar Music
Music Producer Richmond / Aliir Aliir: Sophie Haydon, Sonar Music
Music Bull Sharks: "Silly Move", King, Level Two Music
Sound Designer/Engineer - Paul Le Couteur & James Martell, Nylon Studios
Sound House - Nylon Studios


Carn the Tiges said:

Fark me, that Richmond video defines exactly why I love this game. Awesome job.

Shit copywriting said:

Haven't you fucking creatives learned about double negatives in AWARD school?

Stevey G said:

That is seriously classy stuff from Clems Melbourne.
I teared up a couple of times watching those.

Interesting said:

Couldn't finish all of the films, but definitely an interesting take on sport. It will be interesting to see how the campaign rolls out.

Philip Taffs said:

“Never believe in never” might have been stronger.

Props said:

As someone who has worked on this bastard of an account before, I can only applaud this work. It's bloody strong

No Philip said:

That would definitely have been shitter.

Mug Supporter said:

Rich & Ant this is seriously great work. Fucking David Mundy.

Wonders will never cease said:

Looks like the AFL just bought themselves an idea. Are they feeling ok?

Brilliant said:

These are genuinely great, and I had a tear in my eye more than once. Well done to all involved - more work like this please.

JJ said:

This is coming from the same network that encourages their staff write a "top 3" of the women they would sleep with once they leave the agency.

Clems Sydney has been doing this for years.

Yes Please said:

More real / human stories like these needed. This is what sport is all about. Well done AFL.

RC said:

100% Class. Caps off.

NRL said:

These are really good...well done to all. A lesson for the NRL on how to promote the game.

NRL Sydney lover.

Rose Donohoe said:

So good.

Alan said:

The first one with the girl and her dad is a cracker. Just beautiful.

Yasmin said:

Absolutely awesome storytelling!

Jet said:

I found time to watch them all. Well made and well played.
Oh - can someone send the first one to Adolf Dutton.

Booker said:

These are so good it nearly made an old man cry. But I held back.

oh damn!!! said:

NRL is my game and I bloody hate the AFL. Hate it with a passion. But fuckit .... they always do better work than the NRL. The NRL work is terrible in comparison. These are real and powerful. NRL work is fake and weak.
Why can't the NRL get it right!?!
Time for a new agency I think?

@JJ said:

Come on, the girls all do it too.

@Shit copywriting said:

Go back to your soup grandpa or grandma. The title is perfect for this campaign and no, Never Believe in Never just doesn't do it. Those old school rules deserve to be broken, just like the subjects of this campaign are breaking down AFL stereotypes.

Little lady said:

I bloody love those!! Wish I'd worked on them. Brilliant from start to finish!!
Well done all involved

Lest we forget said:

It's a poor way to say 'impossible is nothing'.

I love Rich & Ant said:

I hate 'footy' and all the dickheads that love it. But I really like these. That makes me sad and jealous all at once.

I loved Bend it like Beckham too said:

But I didn’t think to re hash it for an AFL ad. Ethnic minority young girl wants to play football, dad disapproves, then comes around and loves the game.

Tom Hoskins said:

Some of the best content I've seen. They are all good, but the Richmond one is very special.

🙄 said:

You haters are shit c*nts. This is awesome work. Well done Clems.

@Lest we forget said:

That's overcooking it. Just let it go. Or put your work up so we can all suggest how to make it better.

Same same but same said:

Are all the big brands in AUS building work off the same insight? Samsung ‘do what you can’t,’ Toyota ‘make impossible, possible’ now this?? Honestly guys. One of the most loved and unique brands in AUS and you can’t find some clear space. Sounds like Nik was too involved in this one.

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