The Creative Relay marks International Women's Day with Jane Caro Special Edition podcast

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Today on International Women's Day, the changing role of women in the creative industry has been celebrated with Smith & Western's one-off Special Edition of The Creative Relay podcast featuring Jane Caro. Podcast Showrunner Dan Higson says Caro was the ideal person to reflect on the changing role of women in the creative arena. 

Caro, today a respected writer, broadcaster and speaker, was one of a few Aussie trailblazers for female creatives throughout her advertising career. Most famous within the industry for her campaigns for Drive laundry detergent and the NRMA, Caro forged her career in a predominantly male domain, at a time when few challenged the gender status quo.

"When I started out, men could do work aimed at women, but as soon as there was a brief for beer or sport it was unthinkable to give it to a female creative," Caro recalls. 
Today Caro observes an industry still with its gender challenges, but one with a more inclusive attitude and recognition of the importance of diversity.

"There's a consciousness now that it's really no longer okay to not have diverse voices," she says.

The podcast also examines Caro's pioneering transition from agency creative to a broader role within the media landscape. She has since worked as a commentator on the ABC and the Seven Network, has written over ten books and is in constant demand on the speaker's circuit.

And with some sage advice for younger creatives - regardless of gender - Caro sets out to inspire the industry's next generation.

"You're better than you think you are," she says.

"As a staunch feminist, and self-confessed 'mouthy creative', we couldn't have asked for a more insightful, more inspiring or funnier special guest," says regular podcast host Paul Dunne. 

Following on from this one-off Special Edition, a new series of The Creative Relay - where each episode features inspiring creatives talking to the creative that most inspires them - recommences soon.

The successful podcast series is recorded at Smith & Western's purpose-built podcast studios in Sydney.

To listen to and download this one-off Special Edition episode of The Creative Relay, either go to or iTunes


Anna Krusis said:

Go Jane! Go Creative Relay dudes! Go women around the world!

EC said:

Great stuff. Everyone should listen to this.

SP said:

Crikey! She's hammers the ad industry. Hilarious! This is a must listen for all.

Old Friend and Fan said:

What a great pic, Jane. It should be your FB profile pic.

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