Westfield puts Mums first in newly launched Autumn '18 campaign via Sibling Agency

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 6.32.58 am.jpgMums are at the heart of the season in Scentre Group's latest Autumn '18 campaign, titled 'Whatever Your Priority, You're Ours', developed by Sibling Agency, the full-service agency offering established by WPP AUNZ dedicated to the Westfield brand.
Casting a diverse mix of families, the campaign captures the various moments that all mums can relate to but are aspirational enough to entice and inspire her throughout autumn. From morning, through to night, a tapestry of everyday moments are brought to life, culminating in a vibrant backyard movie night.

Says Dana Ridge, head of content, Scentre Group: "Mums are core to Westfield, and with Easter, school holidays and Autumn's crescendo, Mother's Day, falling within the season, we not only wanted to support mums, but celebrate them. Steering clear of stereotypes, we wanted to show how she effortlessly switches between roles, from cooking with the kids and experimenting with the latest fashion, to catching up with her mum tribe - all while still staying true to herself."
Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 6.33.21 am.jpgDirected by Jasmin Tarasin, the integrated Autumn campaign will launch in all 39 Westfield centres in Australia and New Zealand, leading with Westfield's powerful owned network including SmartScreens, SuperScreens, web, email and social, in addition to earned and paid. 
Broadcast across the Westfield connected network of 1,500+ SmartScreens and SuperScreens
Channel 9 Catch-Up (AU only), digital buy across YouTube, social and mobile and PR and social across 75+ social channels.
Westfield has partnered with the country's leading women's network, Business Chicks to launch a national series of events, Westfield Women in Conversation. Talking to the passion points and interests of mums, each event will be multi-faceted to provide education, entertainment and inspiration.
Says Ridge: "Giving back to our Westfield mums this season is core. Our partnership with Business Chicks will allow us to really bring this to life in a way that is meaningful for mums across the country. 
"Spearheading the series will be carefully curated guest speakers from the spheres of media, wellness and fashion, who will share with our Westfield mums their own authentic experiences of personal and professional growth and what motherhood means to them."
To kick off the season, Autumn will also see the return of Westfield's highly anticipated Fashion Weekend over Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 March. A bi-annual event, the weekend will incorporate two days of centre-wide activations, sales and offers across fashion, beauty and wellness, offering customers an opportunity to get ready for the season.
The new season items can be viewed at https://www.westfield.com.au/autumn.
Sibling Agency
Managing Director: Mandy Galmes
Head of Creative: Jennie Ko
Art Director: Roberta Cicerone
Head of Production: Elissa Maine
Group Account Director: Sarah Hazen
Senior Account Director: Caz O'Neil
Media Director: Brett Carson
PR Director: Laura Barette
Head of Studio: Grant Hendren
Production Company: Photoplay
Director: Jasmin Tarasin
Producer: Emma Thompson
DOP: Chris Miles
Editor: Gabriella Muir
Post Production:  ALT VFX
Photographer: Corrie Bond
Stylist: Nicole Adolphe
H&MU: Claire Thomson
Production Company: Jack Nimble
Content Creative Director: Adam Wise
Content Creative Director: Angus Mullane


Crosseyed said:

I'll tell you how i feel.. dizzy and a bit of sick in the mouth

Millionaire Model and Mum from Vaucluse said:

Represents me to a tee. Not sure about the other Mums in Australia (those who don't live in Vaucluse) , but who cares. They would be too daggy for this TVC.

I don't know about you but I most certainly like to cook while wearing an off the shoulder crochet designer jumper, dancing coquettishly to-camera, listening to music, in full make up, whilst stirring my Pumpkin Liquid, ready for the kids to wolf down without complaint before I head off to my $500 dollar a head banquet in Rose Bay with my other friends all with kids. On a Tuesday. Because, you know, normal life.

Boring said:

look, I know its advertising, but this feels so fake.

Dedicated Agency said:

You know any dedicated WPP agency means we have a bunch of people that will just do whatever you want, anything including pouring your cool-aid, we don't care as long as we can bill you for it, yes mum no mum three bags full mum.

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