ADG salutes Photoplay director Husein Alicajic's 'Synchronicity' campaign for Continental

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 8.57.58 am.jpgPhotoplay director Husein Alicajic is one of six directors to be nominated at the Australian Director's Guild awards for outstanding Australian directors. For a third year running, he is nominated in the Best Direction of Commercial Content category for Continental 'Synchronicity' with the winner announced in May.

Capturing the connection between the farming practices of Continental and the farmers working hand in hand with nature, the global spot, via 303MullenLowe Sydney, took Alicajic to rural Queensland where he filmed on real working farms.
Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 8.58.09 am.jpgOn the recent recognition, Alicajic says: "It's a special thing to belong to a community of storytellers and it's especially good when those people respond well to your work. You don't always get to compare notes with your peers, so I consider a nod from the ADG to be a greatScreen Shot 2018-04-13 at 8.58.24 am.jpg honour."
The acknowledgement comes off the back of last year's ADG commercial category nomination for Samsung 'Make Your Mark' - a campaign that celebrates discovering the wonder in everyday moments. The previous year he received a Highly Commended in the same category for Officeworks: Let Their Amazing Out.

Alicajic's other recent achievements include directing empowering Australian Unity spot, 'Your Body', along with a colourful Taubman's campaign 'Let's Go Paint' and 'Be Transformed', an elegantly choreographed piece for the Sydney Dance Company.

With a passion for bold visuals and a signatory flare for visual effects, Alicajic's work has been honoured at Cannes, Clio, Ciclope, New York Festivals, PROMAX BDA and AWARD. He has recently come on board to direct a true crime Australian feature film based on the life of boxer Dean Waters, and is currently developing a country and western biopic feature film in The States. 

To view Husein Alicajic's reel click here.


As if... said:

Don't you just love adland...where the farm gate just happens to have a Continental logo on it and the boxes carried by the farm hands also has the logo on them. When will clients stop messing with the art direction of tvc's? When are we going to start producing commercials again with strong ideas that don't need all this unnecessary fluff? Not criticising Hussien, who did a nice job shooting a tvc devoid of any idea. Having watched a fair bit of free to air tv over the past couple of months I can sadly only count a couple of tvc's that have a strong idea....95% of the rest out there are complete shite. Our industry should hang its collective head in shame for producing sub-standard work.

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