Alt.vfx and ARC EDIT join forces to launch new studio in Melbourne to service clients in Victoria

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 8.51.48 am (1).jpgAlt.vfx and ARC EDIT have today announced their expansion into Melbourne with the opening of a new shared studio space.

The new space - housed with key staff and artists from both companies - will service a growing number of clients in Victoria and beyond.

Says Antony Newton, post production supervisor at Alt: "We are delighted to open the doors of our new studio with our pals from ARC. We've been close since they opened in Sydney last year, so it made sense for us to share resources and space in an exciting new venture for Melbourne. It's in a place that will be very familiar to the local industry - Tates Place in South Melbourne."
Says Joseph Perkins, executive producer at ARC: "We have a strong relationship with our clients down here and the city itself so we're all really excited about this. Graeme Pereira and Peter Sciberras are based out of Melbourne and the rest of the roster are available as locals. I'm super happy to finally have our own space, alongside the champs at Alt."

Both companies kick the space off with several significant campaigns along with Pereira jumping onto a feature via Causeway Films.

For anyone looking to visit the studio in South Melbourne or talk about potential projects, please contact or


Jessica said:

Yes!! Finally! Look forward to stopping by to see the new digs

Wowser said:

Nice one guys! Mike Reed must be happy too!

UC said:

Nice, hope to cut out of there soon!

Steve said:

When's the party?

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