APN Outdoor's momentum continues with retention of three key contracts

LNIbQcwKNldjXNLvk1GqnwM0Kv3VvClTBlSJLGAflnU,A3tlHZkiS-uDt7bqmqupRTT4mY1-nD5Ruq86hNuP3s8,brcIfxEE0CvrubZ-Lb90_LsVibagRvcIa1bDUvpaiG0,FOtYfpuLrtvLTn3Sl6v6KOE4AYgDpmQYJJZFsZkJhh8,x9bky2ERK9c5_VIl3fc_v6PNDD6lHTTGYHWy2538IFY-2.jpgAPN Outdoor's strong start to 2018 has continued, with the announcement at the company's annual general meeting of three key contract renewals: Transport for Brisbane, Transdev Melbourne and Adelaide & Parafield Airports, for multiple years.
Says James Warburton, CEO and managing director, APN Outdoor: "These contracts represent an important part of our advertising offering. The far-reaching impact they provide delivers a compelling proposition and cements our commitment to the development of our transit and billboard product offering.
"We are thrilled to be continuing our relationship with all partners and look forward to driving innovation in all that we do, delivering greater cut-through and effectiveness for advertisers."
The contracts are all substantial retentions for APN Outdoor.
LNIbQcwKNldjXNLvk1GqnwM0Kv3VvClTBlSJLGAflnU,A3tlHZkiS-uDt7bqmqupRTT4mY1-nD5Ruq86hNuP3s8,brcIfxEE0CvrubZ-Lb90_LsVibagRvcIa1bDUvpaiG0,FOtYfpuLrtvLTn3Sl6v6KOE4AYgDpmQYJJZFsZkJhh8,x9bky2ERK9c5_VIl3fc_v6PNDD6lHTTGYHWy2538IFY.jpgTransport for Brisbane covers the advertising rights for more than 4,000 panels across nearly 1,200 vehicles in metropolitan Brisbane and is a contract APN Outdoor has held for more than 30 years. The contract operator, Brisbane City Council, is the largest council area in Australia, with its transit fleet reaching 85% of Brisbane's residents each week.
Transdev, APN Outdoor's largest and most important bus contracts in Melbourne, comprises approximately 500 buses, 1,800 panels and includes important CBD routes.
LNIbQcwKNldjXNLvk1GqnwM0Kv3VvClTBlSJLGAflnU,A3tlHZkiS-uDt7bqmqupRTT4mY1-nD5Ruq86hNuP3s8,brcIfxEE0CvrubZ-Lb90_LsVibagRvcIa1bDUvpaiG0,FOtYfpuLrtvLTn3Sl6v6KOE4AYgDpmQYJJZFsZkJhh8,x9bky2ERK9c5_VIl3fc_v6PNDD6lHTTGYHWy2538IFY-1.jpegThe Adelaide & Parafield Airports renewal covers the rights for nine large format roadside billboards on airport land.
With the successful extensions of these contracts now complete and a single digit renewal profile over the next two years, Warburton said the focus of APN Outdoor would now shift to acquisition and an ongoing commitment to innovation.
Says Warburton: "We are in a very strong position. As a business we can now focus on acquiring new key contracts and further developing the offering we provide to our clients."

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