Bestads Six of the Best reviewed by Emily Beautrais, CD, Clemenger BBDO, Wellington

Emily Beautrais_Headshot (1).jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is Emily Beautrais, creative director at Clemenger BBDO, Wellington.

Nothing stood out this week here. Either the ideas were good and the craft was lacking, or the other way around.

Winner: The Chaeli Campaign. This definitely left me interested. I sure wouldn't place a bet on this woman not being able to do something, but it got the point across in way that grabbed you, in what is a well-worn and probably very challenging category. Much more powerful than straight up asking for support. READ ON...


Really? said:

I hate it when reviewers say nothing's good enough this week. Surely you can take a positive spin on at least one of these choices?

Tony the Tiger said:

I don't usually look at who picked or said what but just noticed it here. Maybe it happens more often, but anyway, I think it's great. Have standards and stick to them, nothing wrong with that. The industry in Australia is so lame most of the time, with so little good TV work being done anymore, it's frightening. You're not going to turn that around without people in positions of power demanding better and educating others as to what those standards actually should be.

ann ominous said:

@Really? If you add a positive spin on something that is patently below par then you are being insincere, surely? A little more honesty is ultimately more helpful to us all.

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