The Shannon Co. CD and MD Emma Hill takes ECD role at M&C Saatchi Melbourne; Paul Taylor takes career break travelling with family in Asia

Emma Hill (1).jpgM&C Saatchi Melbourne has appointed Emma Hill to the role of Executive Creative Director. Hill will work closely with the agency's Managing Director Andy Cairns and Chief Creative Officer Cam Blackley.

Hill replaces Paul Taylor, who has left for a well-earned career break traveling with his family across Asia. Taylor has been with M&C Saatchi since 1995, apart from a stint running his own agency Day & Age followed by a partner role at ST&P, which was eventually bought by M&C Saatchi.

Prior to joining M&C Saatchi, Hill was the Creative Director and Managing Partner of The Shannon Company, and before that founder and Creative Director at The Charles Grenfell Group. She also held the role of Group Creative Director at Clemenger Melbourne from 2006 to 2011.

Hill's work has been awarded widely at shows including Cannes (including the Radio Grand Prix), D&AD, Clio, The One Show, NY Festivals, AdFest and MADC.

Says Cairns: "Emma's a gun. She brings almost twenty years' experience to the role, having worked with some of Australia's biggest brands including Carlton and United Breweries beer brands Pure Blond and Strongbow, Dulux, Bupa Health Insurance, Just Jeans, Libra, NAB and AustralianSuper.
"It's a testament to the kind of agency we are building in Melbourne. She's a creative powerhouse, a delight to work with and a very smart business person."

Adds Blackley: "Emma was the only name on the list when I was looking at the future creative leadership of M&C Saatchi. She's an audacious hire and signals our intention to build our creative offering around world class talent who are as focused on culture as they are the work."

Says Hill: "Why this role? 
It's Cam. Who's creatively brilliant, an amazing leader and just an awesome bloke.
And it's Andy. Who is one of the best suits I've worked with, is passionate about great work and who just makes me laugh.

"The Group is hugely ambitious and passionate about creativity. So, am I. Besides, the three of us have the same haircut. I think it's a sign."

Hill will commence at the end of May.


Eaon said:

Nice one. Congrats Emma.

Mike said:

Onya legend!

Elephant said:

Ummm. Where's Paul?

Where have I been? said:

I thought Melbourne had closed a few years ago?

They’re lucky to have you said:

The very best in the business.

DG said:

Congrats Emma! Good luck in your new role.

Naomi said:

Congrats Emma!

Past Tense. said:

Not trying to stir any pots, but was there an announcement regarding Paul Taylor, one of the sharpest CDs I ever worked with?

M&C Strikes again said:

Ah, what happened to Paul? Kept that quiet. No one last long at that place.
Happens so fast they don’t even bother releasing the news or pretending they left for personal reasons. Just yell next.

Duffo said:

Paul worked for M&C Sydney and Melbourne for over 20 years with one break to set up his own business,which the agency bought..So to say 'no one lasts long at that place' is clearly inaccurate.I don't know what Paul is doing now but having had the privilege of working with him for some years,back at William St,I know he will have some incredible idea up his sleeve.The guy is genuinely an original thinker.

ASS said:

she’s awesome.

Crutch said:

Unfortunately at Clemenger, Emma was rendered impotent (if that's possible for a female) by the appointment of another creative to the role of Chairman.

I hope she has the balls to fight any similar political conflicts at M&C.

Truth is said:

There will be no shortage of politics or internal conflicts to navigate.

Great to see said:

What I said.

Philip Taffs said:

Good work Emma

Elvis said:

Is she still a ‘rock chick’?

Dominoes said:

So the French guy is gone. Not announced.
One of the true CDs of the industry goes. Not announced.
Glad M&C don't dabble in communications.... Oh wait...

Paprika said:

New MD? Check.
New ECD? Check.
New office? Check.

Sydney finally get bored of Melbourne treading water?

This is a smart appointment. Surely the new clients will soon follow.

I smell a rat said:

Why take "a well earned career break" when you finally have an account to work on in Lexus? The plot thickens...

Ricci said:

Congrats Em. And all the best. X

Mick said:

There's always one.This time called- I smell a rat.The conspiracy theorists.Maybe the guy took a break because he COULD you moron.Someone said he's been doing this for 20 years presumably for a large salary and if as reported he sold his business to M&C he probably can afford to take a long break.Maybe he's going to write a book or a screenplay,both of which sound more interesting than working on Lexus.Working in this industry is a job.Quite a nice one but there are other things in life.While i am on a roll can the trade publications stop using words like dumped when someone leaves an agency,it is so disrespectful.Just as offensive is the word snared every time someone is hired.I don't know Paul personally but i do know a lot of his excellent work.I do know Emma from days past and think she is avery good appointment.Good luck to both of them.

Elvis said:

Is she still a ‘rock chick’?

Agree said:

Well said Mick.

@Mick said:

Wow Mick. What reality to you live in? You really are a glass half full kinda guy. I could use a cheerleader like you on some of these rainy mornings. Do you believe in the tooth fairy? I'll stick to my conspiracy theory thanks, as this one is more grounded in reality. You don't just decide to take break after just after a windfall (Lexus) regardless of your salary.

Word said:

Congrats Em, great move!

Rose D said:

Paul is certainly a ledge and we'll miss him. Excited for Emma!

Uncanny said:

Is she the lead singer of My Chemical Romance?

Melbourne boy said:

Hey smell a rat -get yourself a hobby son.

Obvious said:

I think what's clear is that the agency brand being discussed here is highly toxic.

LC said:

This is such a great hire.

Well done M&C. I can't wait to see what this office does in Melbourne.

Emma is so well respected as a creative.

And additionally, this is just what the Melbourne boys club needs.

Well... said:

Melbourne have done nothing for years. I seem to recall them pitching often and, despite the law of averages, failing at every attempt. Maybe this is the change they so desperately needed. Or maybe it's the last roll of the dice. Time will tell.

...not well said said:

...they've just moved to an office twice the size so they know something you don't.

Alex Wadelton said:

Congrats Em. You're rad and ace. Good luck!

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