Gen C interviews 'Ad Guy' - the man responsible for many of the abusive comments on CB

Ad-Guy-troll.jpgWe're (Gen C) always amused and horrified at how savage the comments are on the videos we post on Campaign Brief. 

And it's got me obsessed. In fact, I spend more time reading the comments than the articles. 

Which got me to thinking, who the hell writes them anyway?


I look forward to reading your comments about my nimble, shitty little video agency.  


Jack White from Gen C. 


Ant White said:

This sucks.

A waste. said:

You made something that everyone was thinking of. Had potential. And you sank it faster than a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777. Boring as f#$%. Your single minded proposition should now be staying away from this industry.

Jack White said:

@Ant White. I’m telling mum.

Snorting coke off chicks tits said:

I clicked through to your website!

Whois this dick. said:

No wonder he remains anonymous. What a huge wanker.

troll 1 said:

Quite funny but about 6 minutes too long.

Troll too said:

Gratingly long.
Really, the lighting's all wrong.
Exceptionally poor grade
And the writing too dry.
That's it really.

ZZZzzz said:

Gen C, maybe you should stick to... oh, wow. Making videos is what you do for a living!?


Old CD Guy said:

Nobody usurps me for bitter, negative, critical comments on the CB blog.

But at least my comments are insightful. reasoned and well-argued!

Groucho said:

Old CD guy .......and also with wit and style.

Is this real? said:

haha. I actually can't tell....

Lol said:

The guys silhouette really annoys me.

Jumped the shark? said:

Tipping point was the NRL podcast.

Copy Desk said:

The comments on the blog are pure theatre. Come for the PR, stay for the glitter and squibs. What would Jack White have us do? Put down our popcorn? The only thing wrong with anonymity is it allows people to give their honest opinion without fear of repercussion. How terrible.

jesus my god said:

maybe make something worth watching and stop being so smug.
The reason people leave negative comments is because you make bad work.

Now with added arrogance

Old CD Guy said:

Thank you, Brian.

Stain on the industry said:

Jack White, go do something good.
Make something worthy.
Actually contribute to the betterment of our industry.
Your cheap, shitty content play is an embarrassment. Hopefully you're making some coin from it. At least that will help you sleep at night knowing the output is utter drivel.
When you've created an idea of genuine note, then poke fun at the Blog.
Until then, fuck off and keep your 6 minute long cheapskate crap to yourself.

Rubbish said:

I hate to say it but these content agencies are eventually going to take over.. The traditional agency model will keel over & die.

I’m just glad I’m on my way out rather than on my way in.. Would be utterly ashamed to be a part of this movement..

Churn & burn rubbish!

Shore shore said:

Original, entertaining and well played.

Jim said:

Clearly this caused some rage from the professional commentators, which I imagine was the whole point. But fuck, the vitriol here is a little overboard- lighten up people. As for Jack doing something good, he won tropfest which I dare say is more than we can say for your achievements @Stainontheindustry (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Spending your life slagging off people’s work on this blog is pathetic- and it is fair game for someone to call it out.

And yes- the video was a little long.

Death rattle said:

Just as well the agency dinosaurs get to remain anonymous - they’ll be asking Mr. white jobs when they get kicked to the corner for being too stupid to stay with the times.

The internet is a wonderful place said:

People arguing about content are missing the point.

You don’t need super high production values to get your message across.

Look at Doug Pitt, Dumb Ways to Die, Best job in the world, Whopper Freakout, Berries and Cream etc etc etc.

What you do need is a good idea, and the right people around it to make it great.

This is funny, and I know a couple of fuckwits just like the perpetrator - but it just doesn’t have the right people - good editors, good colourists, good creatives - to trouble an awards jury.

That’s fine, that’s not the purpose of this job imho.

Hah! said:

Look at all these washed up old losers take the bait.

Where are they? said:

The funny people in the ad game?

What happened to them all?

The one's who could actually make us laugh?

So very few, so very few...

So fucking boring said:


Dan said:

Jack you legend. Fuck me, look at the state of these comments. Point proven. Well done sir.

Awful said:


ummmm said:

Dumb ways to die is an animation and had a decent budget and a good script and decent animators on board.

The Doug Pitt campaign also had an incredibly big budget, good writers and a huge team of people that pulled it off well.

The big production values are there. The work is just directed so well that it looks easy.

This and everything coming out in nimble content land is neither of these things.

And I wouldn't be asking for a job given the fact that no one gets paid properly

Hmmm said:

Point proven. You idiots.

Henry said:

Brilliant, Jack!

Ignore these muppets.

@ummmm said:

I remember hearing Doug Pitt was $1 million all in.

If that’s an incredibly big budget in your books, you need to stop working in content and start working in advertising.

Dumb ways to die also looks as if it was very cheaply produced, I remember hearing it was done by a freelance flash animator.

@Where are they? said:

Where are they, those writers who knew that you don't use an apostrophe in a plural?


Yeah, I admit, that's not very funny.

Patrick Bateman said:

Great work!

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