Guilty director Edwin McGill shoots new 'Watch Your Nuts' viral video via The Creative Works

Watch Your Nuts.jpgAs the need for extra cash increases due to too many punts on the horses or a cheeky Bali escape, there is a fast loan debt crisis looming for many Australian men in their 20-30's. Guilty, The Creative Works, Consumer Action Law Centre and Financial Rights Legal Centre have collaborated to produce an awareness campaign using an unusual 'hero'; a rabid squirrel, on the hunt for their nuts.

Directed by Guiltys' Edwin McGill, the 'Watch Your Nuts' viral video is bringing consciousness to the quick loans epidemic and hoping to prevent men losing their valuables. This irregular approach has already accrued upwards of 700,000 views on popular social media channels collectively.

Additionally, the campaign's website has had great success, a place where Consumer Action and Financial Rights suggest amusing approaches to saving a penny, along with more practical options. The website has relevant information to help those in debt or those thinking about taking it on.

Says Tom Davies, producer, Guilty: "It was really great being able to work with The Creative Works, Consumer Action and Financial Rights on such an important campaign. And let's be honest- rarely do you get the chance to make an ad about a squirrel looking to feast on your privates!".

This is a socially conscious campaign on a topic seldom reported in the media, aiming to create better financial management and mindfulness for men needing to protect their family jewels and assets.

Production Company: Guilty
Director: Edwin McGill
Producer: Tom Davies
Executive Producer: Jason Byrne
DoP: Adam Howden
Art Director: Charlie O'Brien
Editor: Ryan Brett
Post: Manimal Post

Agency: The Creative Works
Creative Director: Michael Davey
Creatives: Mikey Tucker & Richard Lovell
Director Strategy: Sam Osborn
Managing Director: Matthew Turner


Ariel said:

Nice work mate

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This isn't new...

dano said:

Hilarious and effective. Nice work!

Hmmmmm said:

what is it advertising?

Haters just jealous.. said:

Nice work Edwin, it will cut through.

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