iSelect gets 'all over it' with new integrated brand campaign breaking this week via The Royals

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In an integrated campaign by The Royals, which breaks this week, iSelect is heralding its new positioning as Australia's Life Admin Partner, on a mission to liberate Australians from the 'boring but important life admin' stuff.

The new brand platform, entitled 'All Over It', presents iSelect as the trusted solution to life admin's challenges. By adding more product categories and providing an effortless customer experience, iSelect is taking life admin off the plate of everyday Australians, giving them back time and money to spend on the things they enjoy doing the most. 

The aim of the campaign is to introduce iSelect as the trusted go-to partner for a lifetime of life admin challenges, offering consumers clear, simple and unbiased recommendations.

'All over it' includes a series of TVCs, radio spots, OOH, digital and social.

Says Kirsten Craven, Group Executive Marketing at iSelect: "Our research shows that the mental load of life admin has become too heavy a burden for many Australians. They are wasting time and money on trying to manage their insurance, utilities and services, getting lost in the complexity and confusion; it's a constant frustration that never goes away. At iSelect, we believe Australia deserves to be liberated from the stress and confusion of all that is Life Admin, and we're on a mission to get all over it for them."

Adds The Royals Creative Director Andy Jones: "iSelect has been working towards becoming Australia's Life Admin Partner for some time now, but this is the first time they're communicating this proposition to consumers - so we had to get this right. We're proud to have created a campaign that focuses on everyday moments and life challenges to remind Australians that there are better things to be doing with their time than boring life admin tasks."

Agency: The Royals
Managing Partner: Steve O'Farrell
Creative Partner: Nick Cummins
Creative Director: Andy Jones
Senior Copywriter: Leah Dunkley
Design Director: Gavin Wright
Campaigns Director: Georgie Brown
Head of Strategy: Michaela Futcher
Communications Director: Andrew Reeves
Head of Customer Experience: Mikaël Perhirin
Digital Project Manager: Richard Edmunds
Digital Designer: Carlo Spadazzi
Head of Content: David Rood
Content Manager: Madeline Wilson
Social Media Producer: Elsbeth Chirlin
Senior Account Manager: Haley Kriksic
Senior Account Manager: Emma Harrison
Project Manager: Pamela Lopez
Senior Broadcast Producer: Fiona Gillies

Production Company: FINCH
Director: Sean Kruck
Producer: Camilla Mazzaferro
DOP: Danny Ruhlmann

Film Editing: The Butchery
Editor: Dan Lee

Post Production: The Refinery
Lead VFX Artist: Eugene Richards

Sound: Risk Sound
Sound Designer: Dee Gjedsted
Music: Electric Dreams  

Client: iSelect
CEO and Managing Director: Scott Wilson
Group Executive, Marketing: Kirsten Craven
Head Digital Planning & Performance: Andrew Bidese
Head of Retail Marketing: Emily Hayden
Sponsorship and Brand Manager: Charlyn Dimasi
Digital Marketing Manager: Krista Pech 


what said:

Very convoluted...

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Whatever happened to product and price? not this jibber?

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Actually grading stuff is nice hey...

Senior Executive Corporate Strategy Creative Disruption Officer said:

More credits anyone?

Not long from now said:

This is just another classic example how smart people can make stupid decisions. This is self-indulgent rubbish.

bad said:

lazy writing. these analogies are weak, at best, and the script is just babbling noise. WTF are you even selling to me iSelect?

Face Palm said:

Ok....own up. Who grabbed a frame from the Ungraded offline in Log mode and used it as the cover pic. oops

What? said:

Is that 7 incomplete thoughts I just saw

What a mess... said:

I saw this three times last night and didn't realise what it was for until I read this article. Will have terrible misattribution... the branding is non-existent. It could be for anything. There is no clear role for iSelect or even a consumer benefit in using them... unless you count the tagline right at the end which both comes too late and is convoluted. What a waste of time & money...

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Bet Leo’s are watching with some sense of schadenfreude. What a stinker!

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We do the work so you can enjoy life??..... zzzzzzzz

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This direction in this is so boring. Talk about phoning it in.

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