Josh Moore to step down as CEO/CCO of Y&R New Zealand to pursue other opportunities

josh-moore-copy.jpgY&R New Zealand has today announced that Josh Moore has resigned and will leave the agency to pursue a new opportunity. 

Moore joined Y&R New Zealand in 2011 as ECD and soon assumed the dual roles of CEO & CCO. In 2016 his CCO duties were expanded to include Y&R Australia. Under his leadership the NZ agency moved into new offices in City Works Depot and won a host of new business and creative awards, including agency of the year titles at D&AD, AWARD and Campaign Brief.
As a result of his departure, Jono Key, managing director Y&R New Zealand and Fleur Head, managing director Wellington will assume a dual leadership role overseeing their respective offices, ultimately reporting to Y&R's regional CEO, Australia and New Zealand, Pete Bosilkovski.

Says Moore: "Y&R NZ has been seven years of incredibly hard work, sleepless nights and much success and I'm incredibly proud of the business we've built, the clients we have and I love the team we are. The agency has evolved from being just another dot on the agency map to one of the most celebrated in our network and the region.  Which is why it's incredibly hard to leave. But there's always something new to achieve and so it's simply time to take up a new challenge."

Says Key: "Under Josh's stewardship we've taken what was a middling agency to one that has over doubled in both size and revenue. Y&R New Zealand has a distinct style of work, that both demands attention and meets our clients' business needs.  Awards and campaigns aside, Josh's greatest legacy to Y&R is that he leaves behind a culture of ambitiousness, perseverance and sense of fun; ultimately this is what will be integral to the agency's  continued ongoing success."

Says Mike Connaghan, CEO, WPP AUNZ: "Josh is a strong leader that has spent considerable time building a talented team that has produced some outstanding work.  This effort and commitment has been greatly appreciated and we now wish him well as he moves into the next phase of his career outside the group.  The leadership team that he has built and fostered is now in an excellent position to continue his legacy of creativity and momentum, while moving into a new era of growth and expanded capability."


Wow said:

Huge loss to Y&R NZ. That business IS Josh Moore.

With him and Phil leaving, hard to see how Y&R survives a merger over the next 3 months.

@Wow said:

Y&R NEED a merger desperately. They can't attract the talent or clients.

Tom said:

To see the incredible benchmark Josh set at Y&R NZ, you need a telescope.

Nagy Nagy said:

Nagy Nagy Nagy Nagy Nagy Nagy .

One of US said:

Congratulations Josh- excited to see what comes next!

Things said:

More to come I think.

Management of Y&R haven't been gelling with WPP (word is).

Wouldn't be surprised if these guys all set up a challenger and took over Y&R from the outside.

Recent leaver.... said:

Departures left, right and centre at Y&R.
Good luck Josh.

Smell the roses said:

He got sacked guys, pure and simple.

Don't get suckered by all the standard corporate fluff.

He was good in some ways, very not good in others.

Kindness over shit talking, all day err day. said:

HA! Some of the above comments are so whack. Get a grip of yourselves. Josh leaves behind a legacy and Y&R will continue to trail blaze as best they can. All the best to them all.

From someone who actually works at Y&R with Josh said:

Josh didn’t cross the Tasman once after Coulson left. He had no interest in the regional role, just the Auckland office. It was like he didn’t want the regional gig, just took it for the cash. Yes the Auckland office had a good year in 2015 with McWhopper, that year every Y&R office in the region all won at Cannes and the network was flying. But after Coulson left it has fallen apart, we didn’t even get a gong in 2016 or 2017. Only VML are doing good stuff now. Suits are in control and Josh was asleep at the wheel. I genuinely hope the next leader wants to lead and get us back in the game. The work is still there if anyone wants to fight for it.

@from someone who actually... said:

Thanks for your comments Ben

@Things said:

You're right.

WPP throw them a bone with pitches but then yank it back when Y&R can't deliver.

@ @things said:

Y&R NZ has won their last nine pitches in a row. But cheers for the insight

Let it go said:

This business can be so sad. Can’t someone just leave without people getting so up in arms about it. He’s done his time at Y&R, he’s leaving, don’t take it so personally.

HMS Y&R is sinking said:

And there aren't enough lifeboats

BP said:

Well done Josh you’ve done a great job of turning Y&R NZ into something to be proud of. Best of luck in your next gig.

@ @things said:

Great. Have fun rearranging those chairs.

Another who actually works at y&r said:

100% what you said.

HMS WPP is sinking said:

Said the share price.

Cat eyeing pidgeons said:

This year he needs to be a female...

Rich said:

Good luck Josh.
During my time at Y&R I was mighty proud you were working with us. McWhopper is genius and close to Bacon Pretzel Cheeseburger hey fella? And to the haters, fuck right off. The guys good. Fucking good.

Another one of US. said:

Whatever he does next, it'll be fun and executed well. That's how he does.

Punter said:

A real shame to see the exodus of good people continue at Y&R.

Why so much hate said:

A talented dude with massive runs on the board is leaving.

Just wish him well.

Matt said:

Nobody wants to work for WPP and they hate it.

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