Arterial Design creates multi-sensory new installation at the Waltzing Matilda Center

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 3.33.29 pm.jpgDestroyed by fire in 2015, the original Waltzing Matilda Centre was a cultural beacon of the Winton community, with literally thousands of artefacts and stories which showcased not only the essence of the song, but the people themselves.

Says Jan Nowell, creative director, Arterial Design: "The new centre takes visitors on a journey, immersing them in an experience that is layered with content and perspectives from diverse sources within the community.

"The result is a multi-sensory experience, told through the richness of film, interaction with artefacts, sounds and audio clip.
Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 3.33.51 pm.jpgScreen Shot 2018-04-24 at 3.33.40 pm.jpg"Sitting as the centrepiece of the visitor experience is the Billabong, a cutting-edge innovative art installation. This multi-sensory experience is the next wave of museum interpretation, and the Arterial Design team is excited to be at the forefront of this. Authentic, innovative, collaborative and culturally rich, the Billabong gives the audience an experience of natural phenomenons thatScreen Shot 2018-04-24 at 3.34.07 pm.jpg occur in the landscape. Events that are phenomenal, although rare, and portray the essence of the Waltzing Matilda country and the inspiration for the writing of the song."

Arterial Design engaged Luscious International for initial creative services to help deliver the technical research through to physical prototyping and testing of the Billabong centerpiece.
Luscious conceptual directors, Jeff Jaffers and Richard Gibson helped develop the silicone rod curtain concept which captures the light and animated graphics inside and out from eight large projectors.

Says Luscious conceptual director: "When we were given the brief we were excited by the prospect of working on, not just a projection screen but an artwork, something that would immerse and envelope the viewer. Our design team researched and tested a variety of materials, projection techniques and visions. I'm thrilled to see what Arterials creative team have delivered in the end result. This was the perfect symphony of materials, video projection and creative vision."

The team for both the creative and technical delivery of the Billabong Installation was Arterial Design in collaboration with The Sequence Group for the creation and development of the stories, and motion graphics; Sonar Sound for the creation of the sound design; Dean Stephenson for the interactive show control and digital mapping, Showworks for construction and installation of the Billabong structure and Rutledge AV for supply and delivery of the multimedia hardware.

Says Nick Lawson, project manager, Arterial Design: "The exhibits size, unique form, materiality, story and content, requires a unique digital mapping solution, taking this technology to the absolute limit of what it can do. These elements working together combine technology and storytelling, creating a world-first in the museum and attraction space."

Creative consultancy and innovative design signals an exciting time for Luscious, which recently extended its creative and production offering with designated 3D effect suites and resources, as well the capability to produce immersive VR experiences.

Looking to the future, the investment in this technology and new media landscape will enable Luscious to deliver fully immersive brand experiences.


Max said:

The animation looks amazing. Anyone know who did them?

Jack said:

The Sequence Group did an amazing job of creating these visuals in close collaboration with Arterial Design.

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