Media/marketing agency GC Hype Media expands services to help convert target audiences

mirror decals (1).jpgGC_HYPE_restroom (1).jpgGC Hype Media, a marketing agency that's taking a unique approach to advertising and promotion, is expanding its services. The media agency is now taking on restroom advertising which includes mirror decals and exciting digital vending machines.

An at-home media agency, GC Hype Media utilizes a variety of different marketing techniques to help take promotion and branding to new heights. With promotional options such as billboards, bike advertisement, street stencils, and even street art, GC Hype strives to find new and clever ways to promote businesses and products.

Says Robert Wraight, founder, GC Hype Media: "As society and technology changes, so should our advertisements. Our team is constantly thinking of new and better ways to advertise that will grab the attention of our target audience."
That creative thought process is exactly what inspired the media agency to take on restroom advertising.

Says Elliot Townend, sales manager, GC Hype Media: "At some point everyone has to go the restroom so why not advertise there? Mirror decals and other advertisement options are a unique way to grab an audiences attention in a very unexpected place, which is exactly what we try to do as promoters to a brand."

vending2 (1).jpgGC Hype Media is also offering digital vending machines as a form of advertisement in pubs and clubs. Over 100 machines already accessible across Sydney and the Gold coast, while Brisbane and Melbourne network planned for the coming months.
In addition to expanding its services and reach, GC Hype Media is also currently running a special on some of its advertisement options. The company is currently offering an introduction special for the digital vending machines advertising, less then $1 a day*.

Says Robert: "We know how important advertisements can be to making or breaking a business. That's why we are continuing to expand our service options to our clients so they can have advertisement solutions that actually work for their business."

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