Rebecca Wood inspires Kiwis to live a double life in Rebel Sport's latest campaign via Ogilvy NZ

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.12.53 pm.jpgRebel Sport wants to inspire New Zealanders to make the most of each and every day. To push through the daily grind and always make time for sport. But how do you motivate time-poor Kiwis, to side-step the couch and go outside to play?

Ogilvy and Revolver teamed up to do it with an epic 90 second film 'Rugby Fighter', featuring the remarkable New Zealander, Rebecca Wood.

Not only does Wood play lock for Rugby World Champions the Black Ferns, she also has a demanding day job, as a firefighter. Wood is living proof that if you make time for exercise and sport you'll no longer need to make excuses. The 24 hours we are given every day puts us all on a level playing field, but if you use them wisely, you can take yourself to another level. The film reminds us that you only get one life, "How many lives you live is up to you."

Says Rod Duke, group managing director, Rebel Sport: "Rebel has always been a brand that seeks to inspire New Zealanders to play sports with passion, and this latest campaign is designed to do just that. Rebecca really sums up how far commitment, passion and dogged determination can take you, not just in sports, but in life too. Rebecca's story felt like the perfect way to inspire Kiwis to get out there and go hard."

Says Wood: "There was no such thing as spare time because as soon as I got home from work it would be training. And then even after training, I would come home and do the extras, because there would be something I wasn't happy with. I didn't want to miss any opportunity to improve my chances of getting into the team and to the World Cup. And at the end of the day if I didn't make it then I knew I hadn't let an opportunity slip to not try my hardest and get in."

Says Lisa Fedyszyn, group creative director, Ogilvy: "We loved the chance to bring Rebecca's story to life for Rebel. When you're a kid you dream of being either a firefighter or a sports star. The fact she makes time to excel at both of these should be an inspiration to all New Zealanders. It's definitely left me with no excuses not to fit in a run after work."

Says Regan Grafton, executive creative director, Ogilvy: "I love how impactful this commercial is, not only visually but also from the message it sends. Rebecca proves there's always time for sport. You just need to make the commitment."

A 15 second teaser video featuring rugby goal posts set ablaze, was initially released to pique curiosity. The 90 second video was released 11th April 2018 via Rebel Sports' digital platforms, with different durations rolling out in coming weeks over other media.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Regan Grafton
Group Creative Director: Lisa Fedyszyn
Group Creative Director: Jonathan McMahon
Art Director: Sam Henderson
Copywriter: Kent Briggs
Design Director: Nathan Chambers
Head of Post Production: Martin Spencer
Head of operations: Siobhan Burke
Agency Film Producer: Steen Beech
Agency Film Producer: Danielle King
Photographer: Luke Harvey
Group Account Director: Susan Browne
Account Director: Danielle Lowe
Planning Director: Ben Fielding
Group Media Director: Rachel Anderson-Cormack
Media Director: Di Rice
Digital Media Manager: Helen Breckon
Production Company: Revolver/ Will O'Rourke
Director: Matt Devine
Managing Director/ Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producer: Pip Smart
Producer: Alex Kember
Director of Photography: Crighton Bone
Edit House: The Butchery
Editor: Dan Lee
Post Production: Heckler
Head of Post Production: Jamie Watson
Colourist: Trish Cahill
Sound: The Coopers
Executive Producer: Penny Cooper
Senior Sound Engineer: John Cooper

Client: Rebel Sport
Chief Operating Officer: Pete Burilin
Marketing Manager: Liz Hanrahan


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Watch and learn Australia.

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Congrats Matt. Wonderful vision and craft. And thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it.

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Boss! Great work, Matt. And all the NZ peeps.

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