Redbull and Special Group challenge runners to an uphill marathon on strava where the steepest run wins

RB uphill logo[5].jpgTo mark the launch of Red Bull Australia's new Strava running club, Aussie runners are being challenged to compete in a new kind of race with 'The Uphill Marathon' developed by Special Group.

'The Uphill Marathon' is the first marathon where the steepest run wins, not the fastest. Runners are invited to join Red Bull's Strava club and clock up 42.2km before April 27, where every metre of their elevation gain is logged to the Red Bull running website. The runner who completes the distance with the highest total elevation gain will be crowned king or queen of the hill.

graph and leaderboard[4].jpgSays Julian Schreiber, creative partner, Special Group: "Working with the Red Bull team is both a privilege and whole a lot of fun. They're a brand constantly raising the bar higher and we wanted to bring this spirit to the world of running. The Uphill Marathon is a great example of combining smart technology with a simple idea to create a fun, interactive event. And I'm pretty sure I just got a cramp thinking about how I'll tackle it."

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 8.59.40 am.jpgSays Tom Martin, creative partner, Special Group: "We're looking forward to creating new challenges and growing the Red Bull Strava club. It's early days, but we've already had an awesome response from the local running community."

The Red Bull Strava club was launched to keep runners motivated, by providing new and exciting ways to run. All successful entrants in The Uphill Marathon will go in the draw to win flights and accommodation to participate in the Wings for Life World Run in Melbourne on May 6, where 100% of all donations and registration fees raised go to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Agency - Special Group Australia
Partner and ECD - Tom Martin
Partner and ECD - Julian Schreiber
Partner and Strategy Director - Dave Hartmann
Creative - Jack Nunn
Creative - Nils Eberhardt
Digital Design - Jesse McLallen
Digital Producer - Sharon Gray
Partner and Managing Director - Cade Heyde
Account Manager - Rose Eccleshare


benny done said:

a bit like the Balmoral Burn then ?

Mosman runner said:

Yeah, The Balmoral Burn only been around 15 years.

Eh? said:

I feel sorry for you. Probs thought working on Red Bull would be awesome (and it was 15 years ago) but now they're just a bunch of really arrogant twenty-somethings with no marketing experience, employed because they're average DJs or ex-wings girls. And rather than make great work, they're actually really conservative, and kowtow to the bosses in Austria (where the idea and artwork probably came from). Not to worry, other clients will be better...

Boycott said:

Ah RedBull. Who ran a pitch that lots of agencies spent big $$$$ on and then gave the business to... no one.
As an industry we should boycott them. And they haven't made anything decent for a decade... just regurgitate the same crap. It's certainly not an honour to work on the account... quite the opposite.

Not happy said:

I heard M&C spent a LOT of money on that pitch.. won it... only for RB to 'change their minds' a few days later. Not good.

it's been run said:

yeah, this already exists and is famous. looks like the new cd's have an uphill marathon of their own.

Can you walk it? said:

Feels more appropriate given how pedestrian this work is. Why doesn't Red Bull just stick with publishing their awesome global content instead of wasting money on this?

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