Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney shortlisted in WARC Awards - Effective Use of Brand Purpose finalists

1217d.jpgCampaigns for Westpac, Audi, Deutsche Telekom, eBay, Guinness, Microsoft, Pantene and Reebok, are among the 19 campaigns from around the world that have been shortlisted for the WARC Awards' Effective Use of Brand Purpose category - a search for marketing initiatives that have successfully embraced a brand purpose and achieved commercial success as well as a benefit for a wider community.

Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney is the only Australian agency to make the cut for its Westpac 'Rescue Rashie' campaign.
The panel of 17 brand purpose judges chaired by Claudia Willvonseder, chief marketing officer, IKEA, has selected for the shortlist three Global, three US and three Indian campaigns as well as campaigns from Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Irish Republic and United Kingdom.

The shortlisted entries are:
  • Girls Do(n't) Fight · Reebok · McCann Worldgroup India · India
  • Helping India cope with the death of cash · Paytm · One97 Communications · McCann Worldgroup India · India
  • Rescue Rashie · Westpac · Westpac Banking Corporation Australia · Saatchi & Saatchi · Australia
  • The Vaseline Healing Project · Vaseline · Unilever · BBH New York · United States
  • Sea Hero Quest · Deutsche Telekom · Saatchi & Saatchi London · Global
  • Beautiful Lengths · Pantene · Procter & Gamble · MediaCom Connections Israel · Israel
  • #MakeWhatsNext in STEM · Microsoft · m:united//McCann · Global
  • The doll that chose to drive · Audi Spain · Volkswagen Group España Distribución · Proximity Barcelona · Spain
  • Lifehackers · Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC) · Copiloto · Peru
  • An ocean of good · Aquaguard · Eureka Forbes · Triton Communications · India
  • A beacon of light in the dark · Guinness · Diageo · AMVBBDO · Irish Republic, United Kingdom
  • This is what happens when pimps and whores become marketers · Libresse/Bodyform · Essity · AMVBBDO · Global
  • Doritos Mystery: Challenging a generation · Doritos · PepsiCo · AlmapBBDO · Brazil
  • Real People Make a Real Difference · eBay · Interfuse Communications · United Kingdom, United States
  • Cook with Her · Puck · Arla Foods · FP7/DXB · Saudi Arabia
  • People with Determination · Emirates NBD · FP7/DXB · United Arab Emirates
  • Touch · Johnson's Baby · Johnson & Johnson Indonesia · BBDO Indonesia · Indonesia
  • The El Paso Story · Prudential Financial · United States
  • Gender Violence · Tecate · Heineken · Nómades · Mexico
To see the shortlisted case studies in the Effective Use of Brand Purpose, please view here.

With judging ongoing, the shortlisted papers in the Effective Innovation category are already released. The Effective Content Strategy and Effective Social Strategy shortlists will be announced shortly.
The annual WARC Awards scheme is a global search for next-generation marketing effectiveness. It is free to enter and there is a $40,000 prize fund for the winning papers spread across the four categories, each one with its own high calibre judging panel and set of Special Awards.


WEll said:

No offence to those who I’m sure worked hard on this, but this has to be the scamiest of scam.

There’s no possible way my child could swim in this bulky swimsuit, they’d be pulled under water and actually need resuscitating.

I love the thought behind it, but the execution is so poxy, the CDs should have said no, unless they could do it well.

Anyway take your metal and keep churning out sub-par real work, but this to me is the reason everyone is so jaded with advertising.

Reality said:


What have you done mate? Exactly. We are creating world-changing ideas. Go back to making shit ads that sell products.

@WEII said:

You can buy it online and be a miserable prick while you know Westpac is investing more money into this and the organisation - just because you're a cynical misery. Keep being you though. We need people like you.

@WEII said:

And here is the link to order one - they make a size for 2-3 years old (i.e. you)

ffx said:

@WEII looks like you pushed a few buttons...

WEll said:

In the interest of fairness, I’ll divulge a little information about myself.
You’ll find my name on the credits of a certain Optus innovation that I too thought was a ground breaking real product. In hindsight I see we just made a prototype an exploited the client for award glory. Don’t kid yourselves, Rescue Rashie is scam at best.

Credit Check said:

How many people does it take to make a 30" ad??

Missy said:

“Bulky swimsuit”?? It’s a rash shirt, you twit. Do you even Australia?

Way to go Saatchi!!!!

@WEII said:

I have to agree with you. It's getting a bit tired and old seeing the same scammy ideas framed under good purpose when their underlying motives are anything but.

Scam said:

This is purely for awards purposes, in unoriginal. But that aside, ok let's look at effectiveness. Anyone have evidence of this being used to save a life? Anyone??

If it's scam, and it's not scam. said:

Yes, it's meant to win awards. Yes, the design is too bulky and probably not all that great for kids to swim in...

But it's a great idea, and they (or someone else) will be able to refine the design and save some lives in the surf. So it's a win-win, which is exactly what it'll do at all the award shows.

Ouch said:

What a tough week for DDB. First the backlash around their new multimillion dollar campaign for Westpac, followed by this: Saatchi & Saatchi generating positive PR with a brilliant idea for the same client.

Dear WEII said:

Did your partner slept with her/his pants on last night? You sound very bitter. Hope things get better for in the future. Maybe a change of career will do you good.

Oh God said:

The only Australian campaign selected and people in the advertising industry bags it. What’s wrong with you guys? Well done Saatchi & Saatchi!

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