TBWA Sydney resigns Foxtel account leaving WiTH Collective and Marcel as lead agencies

Screen-Shot-2017-06-15-at-4.53.54-pm.jpgTBWA Sydney has resigned the Foxtel account, having been appointed as the lead agency in 2016.

Sydney agencies WiTH Collective and Marcel now lead the business.

Says a Foxtel spokesperson: "TBWA weren't a retained agency - they worked for us on projects but haven't done so for some time. We continue to work with two retained agencies - With Collective and Marcel.

"We will continue to remain open to great creative ideas and thinking from Australia's deep pool of brilliant marketing and creative minds. There's never been a more exciting time to be charting new directions in entertainment."
Says Paul Bradbury, CEO, TBWA Australia/NZ: "We have really enjoyed our relationship working with Foxtel, however an exciting new opportunity has come our way which is competitive. We wish Foxtel all the very best."

TBWA Sydney was responsible for the hilarious 'Make it Yours' campaign' which included spots such as 'Date', 'Bus' and 'Karen'.


Hmm.. said:

Netflix maybe?

Lel said:

Foxtel should have to start pitching themselves to agencies. That might make them stop and think about what they need to do to change their product and toxic culture.

Felix said:

The most recent Hemsworth work was a mess.
All of the most recent work was created in house.

Agency land said:

Everyone in agency land is now bracing themselves, praying they don’t end up with Foxtel

Eye Eye said:

Resigned AKA About to Lose It?

An Exciting New Opportunity said:

"Hey guys, can anyone think of a conflict we could use as an excuse to flick Foxtel?"

"Dunno, maybe that convenience store down the road?"

"That'll do"

@Agency Land said:

Don't sweat it mate, the next agency is already lined up.

Foxy said:

Oh, the old "quick let's make an announcement before Foxtel announce they have left us" move.
Just a little transparent.

Warren said:

Interesting, I haven't heard of the remaining agencies. Will be interesting to see their creative ideas.

Marcel said:

David Jones, MasterCard and now Foxtel.
How’s Virgin Mobile looking?

Dud Collective said:

Good luck, I guess?

Douche collective said:

We love Foxtel. Our toxic cultures and leadership teams are perfectly aligned, we can’t wait to keep kissing their ass to ensure we get a brief that isn’t an edm campaign. Xx

What a lark said:

Up to his old tricks again.
M&C will get this steamer next...
And don’t bash with, they will resign it soon...

Singapore sling said:

Watch & learn Marcel

What a Lark said:

M&C will no doubt be appointed to FOXTEL very soon and Andy's girlfriend, Ms Lordsmith, will be brought on as a consultant.
How many times does this sad cycle have to repeat itself before CEO's wise up to it?

I heart Lark said:

Said no-one ever

Oh dear said:

And now David Jones.

Not looking good for TBWA.

Ray said:

Im a celeb, who can I talk to at collective to get a gig?

@Ray said:

I think they've already exhausted every b-grade celebrity in the country.

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